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I Am Syria



The U.N. has stated the Syrian war has created the greatest refugee crisis since Rwanda

There isn’t much left of Syria today. The devastating civil war erupted out of civilian protests against the oppressive government of President Bashar Al-Assad in an attempt to bring democracy, but has turned into a regional struggle for power.

The destruction to infrastructure is estimated in the billions, the economy has collapsed, and their currency has little value. The devastation to human life is incalculable, the repercussions of which we will feel for generations to come.

Over 120,000 civilians have been killed since the beginning of the conflict,and nearly 2.2 million refugees have been forced to flee to Jordan,Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and Iraq. Nearly 1 million of these refugees are under age 11, and there are another 4 million civilians internally displaced.

Unfortunately, both the Regime and Free Syrian Army have participated in the destruction of the Syrian people.



Who will fight for them?

Free Syrian Army

The Free Syrian Army stands as the resistance against Assad, but not necessarily the liberating force representing the Syrian people. The FSA is composed largely of independently funded militias, each with their own agenda for taking part in the war. Because of the lack of strong organization and accountability, they have the ability to act autonomously from FSA leadership, imposing their will on Syrian civilians in the towns they overtake. The FSA has been accused of abducting and raping women, robbing homes, and kidnapping and holding children for ransom in order to fund their operations. While interviewing Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq, we learned many had suffered war crimes at the hands of the FSA. There is no liberty in trading an evil dictator for an oppressive militia.

Syrian Government

President Bashar Al-Assad and his government have indiscriminately bombed many civilian neighborhoods and kidnapped, tortured, and slaughtered thousands of innocent people to deter rebel support. On August 21, 2013, Assad’s forces allegedly fired chemical weapons into towns full of women and children in order to weaken the rebel forces, killing over 1,400 of their own civilians.Syrian Soldiers

“This is a human tragedy beyond all comprehension.” – Kurdish Regional Government

These wounds the Syrians have had thrust upon them run deep. Even if they are able to return to their homeland and rebuild their lives, the memories of their abuses suffered cannot be healed without the loving touch of Jesus.

Amidst this widespread tragedy, an unprecedented door of opportunity has opened to share the love of Christ in the very heart of the Middle East.

Be The Hero

In a meeting with the Minister of the Interior for the Kurdish Regional Government, Kareem Sinjari, he told us, “We will protect Christians and not allow radical Islam.”

Both the Kurdish Regional Government and US consulate expressed the need for Non-Government Organizations, or NGOs, to take the lead in humanitarian relief. But we believe this isn’t just a time for NGOs, it is a time for The Body of Christ to rally and meet the urgent needs of the Syrian refugees.

This extension of freedom is historic in the Middle East. It provides the opportunity for Christians in the West and in Kurdistan to partner together in an initiative that could be a catalyst for revival in the Muslim world.

World Compassion is connecting donors around the world with churches and believers living in Iraq to serve Syrian refugees every day. We provide monthly food distributions for 4,000 Syrian refugees, present the gospel message, and give them Bibles and The Story of Jesus booklets.

“We are not prepared to deal with the Syrian refugee crisis alone, we need your help.” Minister of the Interior, Kareem Sinjari

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