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Minus One

You can sponsor a child for as little as $30 a month. Right now, there are orphans in Burma who are waiting to be sponsored.

Sponsor A Child!

1.6 Million Orphans Minus One

There are 1.6 million orphans in Burma, but with your sponsorship, you make it 1.6 million minus one. Child sponsorship with World Compassion transforms children from orphans to sons and daughters.

From hopeless to happy.

From abandoned to cherished.

From scared to safe.

Because every child deserves a childhood.


Plain and simple – sponsorship rescues children. Without the support of sponsors, orphans in Burma are abandoned to crippling and lifelong poverty, starvation, forced child labor, and predators like human traffickers.


When you sponsor a child through World Compassion, you are helping to provide full, 24-7 care for an orphan in a Christ-centered family environment. Together, we are rescuing children and restoring the happiness of their childhood, raising them to positively impact their community and country as adults.

Meet the Children!


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Give today to help a child go from impoverished to cherished!



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World Compassion Terry Law Ministries is not a part of nor affiliated with Compassion International. Your gift will be used for these projects and many other outreaches of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries.


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