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Minus One

You can sponsor a child for as little as $30 a month. Right now, there are orphans in Burma who are waiting to be sponsored.

Sponsor A Child!

1.6 Million Orphans Minus One

There are 1.6 million orphans in Burma, but with your sponsorship, you make it 1.6 million minus one. Child sponsorship with World Compassion transforms children from orphans to sons and daughters.

From hopeless to happy.

From abandoned to cherished.

From scared to safe.

Because every child deserves a childhood.


Plain and simple – sponsorship rescues children. Without the support of sponsors, orphans in Burma are abandoned to crippling and lifelong poverty, starvation, forced child labor, and predators like human traffickers.


When you sponsor a child through World Compassion, you are helping to provide full, 24-7 care for an orphan in a Christ-centered family environment. Together, we are rescuing children and restoring the happiness of their childhood, raising them to positively impact their community and country as adults.

Meet the Children!


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Give today to help a child go from impoverished to cherished!



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World Compassion Terry Law Ministries is not a part of nor affiliated with Compassion International. Your gift will be used for these projects and many other outreaches of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does my sponsorship provide?

Your monthly sponsorship provides everything a child needs to survive:

  • shelter in a safe, family environment
  • three healthy meals per day
  • school uniforms and play clothes
  • education
  • health care

But through World Compassion, you also provide what every child needs to thrive:

  • Godly leadership and parenting from a loving team that helps raise them
  • Birthday celebrations and cards and a Christmas celebration as a family
  • Relationship with their sponsors
  • English lessons
  • Field trips
  • Sports activities
  • Opportunity for ongoing education

What do I receive as a sponsor?

Sponsorship is just the beginning of an exciting adventure with your child! As a sponsor, you will receive:

  • Welcome Packet with a full profile and pictures of your child
  • Letters from your child
  • Picture and video updates
  • Semi-annual progress reports

How is child sponsorship different at World Compassion?

When you sponsor a child through World Compassion, your support helps provide full-time care for a child through a local church in Burma. Through the local church, our children are legally adopted and raised in a family environment. As a sponsor, you partner with the local church to become a part of this family!

Your $30 a month at World Compassion empowers the local church in Burma to raise these children well under Godly counsel, pay a full-time salary for both house parents who care for the children full-time, and help equip them with opportunities to give them a bright future.

Your support provides food, clothing, school uniforms, tuition, toys, books, medical care, Godly leadership and parenting from a loving team that helps raise them, birthday celebrations and cards and a Christmas celebration as a family, English lessons, field trips, sports activities, and the opportunity for ongoing education.


How much does it cost to raise a child in Burma?

This is not a supplemental program. On the contrary – we are solely responsible for raising these children, covering ALL living expenses and bearing the weight of raising them well. We are raising each child as our very own at the same standard as we would our own children. 

Our high standard of care only costs around $210 for each child per month in Burma. Parents in western countries know this cost is extremely low compared to the cost to raise a child back home. 

Many people cannot raise a child for $210 each month, but you can partner with others to sponsor a child for $15, $30, or $60 each month. Your monthly support combined with the gifts of others fully cares for the needs of one child. 

Can my small group sponsor a child with World Compassion?

If you are in a book club, small group, dorm floor, sports team, or friend group – you can share the fulfilling experience of sponsoring a child together through team sponsorship. Together, you can form a family of support around a child and play an irreplaceable role in their life as they grow up. 

One of you can sign up and be responsible for collecting funds, or each member of your group can set up their sponsorship separately.

How do I sign up to be a child sponsor?

Picking a child to sponsor is easy! Just click the Meet the Children link to pick a child to sponsor or sign up below to sponsor the child who has been waiting the longest.