You can help raise up the next group of 1,000 new students through our ABC program.

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We are celebrating over 600 students who have completed the ABC discipleship and leadership training program in the nation of China throughout 2016.

With people coming to Christ every day in China in the thousands, nearly 200 new leaders are needed just today. The ABC program trains pastors and leaders to disciple and guide these new believers as they begin their journey with Jesus.

ABC is a two-year, part-time program including over 300 lessons of systematic, comprehensive Bible teaching. Each lesson covers a variety of topics from the foundations of the Christian faith all the way to evangelism, leadership and church planting.

As we continue to reach out to the church in China in 2017, we need your help!

We’re aiming to raise $30,000 (£23,685) in the next 30 to 45 days, so that we can enroll 1,000 new students and provide them with the program curriculum to begin their journey as leaders of the underground Church in China. Combined with the 1,000 new students who are already being enrolled, we have the potential to enroll 2,000 students this year!

Thank you for your support through your giving and your prayers. Because of your willingness to give, we’re able to partner with the Chinese Church and empower them to keep reaching their nation.