Whether you want to make the most of the fall excitement or are planning ahead for a special year-end offering, here are some projects from around the world we invite you to consider as we head into this last quarter!


Reaching 100,000 People with the Gospel

In January, we set a goal to reach 100,000 people with Bibles in Iran. Due to shipping and security concerns, we encountered some unforeseen delays that set us behind. Thankfully, shipping is back on track! We still have a ways to go to reach our goal, but the Bibles are in our possession – we just need help to get them into the country!

The latest census shows that 99.4% of Iran’s population (84 million people!) is Muslim. However, insider reports indicate that only 40% of those people actually identify as Muslim. The other 59.4% – nearly 50 million people – have left the faith of their ancestors and are searching for truth. What an opportunity!

Every Bible given helps to empower an evangelistic movement across Iran, equipping believers to reach the almost 50 million people who are no longer identifying with the Islamic faith.

It costs $7 to put a Bible into someone’s hand. Your church could help reach 1,000 people for $7,000 or 3,000 people for $21,000.


Equipping Local Churches and Pastors

We are continuing to help pastors complete remodels and additions to make room for the church growth that is already happening and give members appropriate spaces to gather and learn. 

Most of the needs these churches have are practical. Some are running out of space for their children’s gatherings. Others are dealing with a leaky roof, which becomes quite the challenge in the Cuban climate. 

With project costs ranging from $9,000 to $40,000, you can partner with these Cuban pastors and churches, helping them to move forward faster and reach more people in their communities!


Restoring Lives through Small Business Grants and Skills Training Programs

Our programs in Iraq are giving women and families the tools they need to sustainably rebuild their lives and experience transformation.

This year, we are targeting 30 Christian families with small business grants. These families lost everything after years of war. They want to work. They have the skills to make a living. A small kickstart is all that is needed to help breathe life back into their businesses. It costs between $3,000 to $5,000 to kickstart a small business for a Christian family staying in Iraq. 

Similarly, 480 women this year will learn sewing or cosmetology through our Gospel-centered skills training programs as they move towards complete life restoration. These skills enable the women to effectively provide for their families and offer a service to the community after having been introduced to the Gospel message. $85 transforms the life of one woman and her family through a skills training program! 

Lives are being changed in a sustainable way across northern Iraq!

China + Myanmar

Raising Up Future Pastors and Leaders Through ABC Discipleship

Our ABC discipleship and leadership programs are helping to disciple literally thousands of future pastors and leaders across Asia!

As religious restrictions tighten in both China and Myanmar, the need for quality leadership training remains very critical. These programs are putting Bible school into the hands of future house church leaders and pastors.

You can help raise up tomorrow’s faith leaders! Every $50 given supports one Bible school student. 

For $500, your church can support 10 students, or for $5,000, you can support 100!

If you are interested in partnering with us or have any questions or ideas, please let us know!

Once you identify a project that would be a good fit for you, our team can get you all the resources you’ll need to help communicate the opportunity to your church.

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