Iran Bibles

Reach 120,000+ people with the Gospel in the next 12 months. This is our largest need.

The Bottomline:

  • Thousands of Muslim people in Iran are turning away from Islam
  • The radical Islamic leadership of the Ayatollah Regime over the past 44 years has caused a nation to begin questioning their faith in Islam
  • This has created an opportunity and boldness among Christians in Iran to more freely talk about their faith in Jesus with their friends and family
  • World Compassion is smuggling thousands of Bibles every month
  • Iranian Christians will use these Bibles as a gift as these Muslim seekers read through Scripture in search of answers
  • The gift of a physical Bible also opens the door for Iranian Christians to share more about the Gospel, lead people to Jesus, and invite them to their house churches
  • These Bibles are also gifts to Iranian Christians who do not yet have their own physical Bible
  • We have 120,000+ ready to go in our warehouse
  • It costs $9/Bible, and each Bible represents a person reached with the Gospel or a new believer receiving their very own Bible for the first time
  • Total project cost $1,080,000

China Pastor’s Conference

Help Sponsor a Chinese Pastor. This is our most immediate need (by November 15th).

The Bottomline:

  • The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attempts to squelch the Christian faith by imposing extreme restrictions and heightening surveillance.
  • For the Church in China there’s a high demand for more trained pastors as the Church is maintaining secrecy by decreasing the size of their gatherings.
  • World Compassion helps the Chinese Church by equipping leaders through our ABC Discipleship and China Mission School (CMS) curriculums.
  • Over 14,000 students have benefited from over 280 lessons of systematic and comprehensive Bible teaching found in ABC, leading believers through the basics of faith all the way to leadership and church planting.
  • We are sending 50 Chinese Church leaders out of the country to a safe location, allowing more free interactions and worship. This provides an opportunity to further expand our ABC and CMS programs throughout China.
  • 1,500 more students are ready to receive our ABC training
  • $50 puts our ABC training in a student’s hands: Total Cost $75,000
  • $1,500 = One Chinese pastor to attend our Leadership Conference
  • Goal: Sponsoring 50 leaders who need help = $75,000

Cuba Church Planting

Helping pastors go forward faster in a country where building a church is illegal.

The Bottomline:

  • In Cuba, building a church is prohibited. Local pastors open up their own homes to host church gatherings. With limited space and poor construction, these homes aren’t necessarily fit for church gatherings.
  • This is an urgent need to help pastors expand their homes and create suitable worship environments for all ages. Additionally, equipping church plants with the resources and support they need to reach their communities with the love of Jesus.
  • These existing churches and bodies of believers impact their local communities through outreach and multiplying disciples in their new environments.
  • We currently have 3 church building projects that need your help:
  • Pastor Javier and his wife Daysi have been pastoring for over 22 years and have become a staple in their community. Their church has no room for children’s ministry and no roof, which is an added challenge with Cuba’s wet and hot climate. We are helping them to build out appropriate spaces for both their main worship space and kids facilities. Cost: $26,394
  • Pastor Eglis has stepped out into his community with a vision to reach some of the most vulnerable parts and people of Havana with the Gospel. They want to expand their outreach among the homeless by providing meals, showers, and temporary shelter. We are partnering with him to help expand their church to grow and thrive while also making room for their homeless outreach. Cost: $37,053
  • Pastor Harry leads a vibrant church that has a heart for reaching other areas of Cuba. His church has outgrown their current space. Five church plants have developed out of his church, and missionaries are being trained to reach unreached parts of Cuba. We are partnering to finish the second floor of his building and kids classrooms. Cost: $13,227

If you're interested in partnering with us or have any questions, send a message to Sydney on our team.

Once you identify a project that would be a good fit for you, our team can get you all the resources you’ll need to help communicate the opportunity to your church.

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