ABC Bible Training Curriculum is a two-year training program that equips Christian leaders in hostile nations to go help lead and plant new life-giving churches. These churches can then multiply, bringing hope and transformation to some of the darkest nations on earth.

You can provide the full 8-book set of ABC Bible Training Curriculum to a student in Burmese for the first time ever for only $25!

The most valuable investment a person can make is into the life of another. By providing ABC Bible Training Curriculum to a leader, you equip them with the tools they need to reach the lost and transform their nation. 


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ABC Bible Training Curriculum not only serves leaders personally by helping them understanding the Bible and how to apply it to their life, but also serves their church as a comprehensive teaching and training resource for years to come!



Making History

Closed off from the world for decades, the growth of the Burmese Church has suffered due to a severe lack of training resources. A little over two years ago, we set off to change that by translating our ABC curriculum used in China into Burmese.

This translation project is now complete, and Burmese leaders are eager to get their hands on this invaluable resource in their own language. You can make history with us and help reach the nation of Burma by providing ABC to a student in Burma for the first time ever!


What is ABC?

ABC Bible Training Curriculum is 284 lessons of systematic and comprehensive Bible training covering topics such as: Foundations of the Christian Faith, Leadership, and Church Planting.

This comprehensive training curriculum equips Christian leaders with the knowledge and experience they need to help lead and plant new life-giving churches in nations hostile to the gospel.

ABC is currently used in China, and now, Burma.