A Public Declaration in the Face of ISIS

About a year ago, I was in Iraq leading a medical and children’s ministry team who had come to serve a group of refugee families World Compassion had been targeting for a long time. It was on this trip where I met an incredible man named Mohammad who served as my personal interpreter one day. On that trip, I had the opportunity to share Jesus with Mohammad who later made the life-changing decision to follow Christ. This last year, our team took another trip to Iraq and had the pleasure of meeting up with Mohammad again. This time, he shared powerful words about what Jesus has done in his life:

Before I became a Christian, I was a strong Muslim. Every day I would go to all the prayers. I was a consistent, strong believer in Islam. But when I saw ISIS doing what they do in the name of Islam, and I saw what World Compassion was doing and learned about Christianity, I chose Christianity. I saw the light of Christianity. Before, I hated my life; I hated myself. Although World Compassion came for the refugees, this work reached me. I was infected by my conversations with the team…I heard and saw the reality of God’s love for us. I saw God’s love in my heart. I read the book of Matthew, and it began to change everything in my life. This new life is good for my heart and soul. I would like to be baptized.”

Now, because of what the Lord has done in Mohammad’s life, he says, “I love my wife and my children better because of Jesus. It’s made me a better person and to do better at my job. I feel light; my soul and mind is good.”

These bold words, coming from a man who is not only a convert, but comes from an entirely Islamic family, are truly profound. Often, when a former Muslim makes such a bold statement and wants to be publicly baptized, they are essentially placing a target for persecution on their foreheads. Regardless, Mohammad still chose to publicly declare his submission to Christ and was baptized by members of our team earlier this year.

Although all the glory of Mohammad’s salvation ultimately goes to God, generous supporters like yourself are the hands and feet of the gospel reaching people like Mohammad. His salvation is just one of the countless stories of the Lord reconciling his people back to Himself.

You have the opportunity to make a gift today to continue the reach of World Compassion in nations that are hostile to the gospel and make even more stories like this possible.

Jason Law

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