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Thousands of new believers and Christian leaders just like Solomon (in the video above) around the country of Burma are eager to study the newly translated ABC Bible Training Curriculum in their own language. For many, this will be their first time encountering many of the promises Solomon holds fast to in order to press on in the face of persecution.

Without the knowledge and understanding believers are equipped with through ABC, many leaders simply would not have the tools they need to plant churches in this hostile environment.

You can equip leaders like Solomon to plant life-giving churches in Burma by sponsoring a student to study ABC in Burmese.

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The most valuable investment a person can make is into the life of another. Through ABC, you equip leaders in hostile nations with the tools they need to reach the lost.

You can invest in a Burmese student today by providing ABC!


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More About The Program

ABC Bible Training Curriculum equips Christian leaders in hostile nations to go lead and plant new life-giving churches. These leaders are planting the next generation of missional, relevant, and effective churches – reaching out to the lost and the poor, compelling the next generation to follow Jesus, and affecting thousands of lives to transform nations.
ABC is 284 lessons of systematic and comprehensive Bible training covering topics such as: Foundations of the Christian Faith, Leadership, and Church Planting. This material lays a strong foundation in the life of a new believer and expands the knowledge and understanding of more mature Christians. Upon completion of this 2 year program, students are equipped to lead the growing number of Christian converts in Burma.