Who Are World Compassion Advocates?

World Compassion Advocates are a community of people who love mission and making an impact on the world around them and want to get more involved. They are storytellers who help share the transformation happening around the world today in their circles, cities and communities.

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What Do Advocates Do?

-Advocates help tell the World Compassion story and connect with us at World Compassion HQ.
-Advocates tell World Compassion stories and recruit new advocates by sharing what World Compassion is doing with their communities and on social media.
-Advocates brainstorm with our team on new ideas and get sneak peeks along the way.
-Advocates give our team feedback on what audiences love for a chance to be featured on World Compassion’s #compassionadvocate stories on social media.
-Advocates are our partners and representatives of churches around the world.

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Outfitted and Equipped.

In addition to the photos, infographics, stories and videos that we’ll provide to help you tell the World Compassion story, we also want to give you a little something to say thank you for helping us spread the good news! Sign up for the program today, and we’ll send you some World Compassion swag – you’ll get a t-shirt, a bracelet, a welcome packet and more!

Grab a photo with your new #compassionadvocate swag and you could get a shoutout from us on social media!

Be an Advocate

Join the Community!

Be a part of something bigger. Send in your information, and we’ll be in contact soon. Together, through what we say, share and send, we can help change the world – one story at a time.

Be an Advocate

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