On Sunday, August 15th, the Taliban took control of Kabul, Afghanistan.

This ended a nearly 20-year effort by the U.S. and other nations to mold Afghanistan’s government into a democracy.

The Taliban have cut access to many bank accounts. 

Christians have lost jobs simply for their religious views. 

Due to being at greater risk for targeted violence, Christians are moving “underground”, and many already living in smaller towns and villages have fled to even more remote places for safety.


For over a decade, World Compassion ran educational programs in Afghanistan.

We trained over 8,000 women and children in literacy, English, and computer skills. 

Many who went through these programs continued on to have great jobs, including working in the local government.

We have long-standing relationships with several of the former staff and students of these programs.

So far, we’ve identified 150 families that need assistance. Our teams are continually identifying more within house churches to offer them urgent relief.

The immediate need is to provide housing, food, water, basic living items and transportation funds. 

We’re estimating £375/month to provide assistance to the average-sized family. 

The situation is volatile, and these needs may change. 

When you give, you’re helping these fellow believers and their families survive in one of the most hostile environments in the world right now.

£75 will help impact one family; £375 will support one family this month; and £750 will help two families. Give what you can today!

Thank you so much for your desire to help!

We’re ready to provide immediate aid in Afghanistan


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