On the morning of October 1st, we were able to help move three Christian families totaling 11 people safely out of Afghanistan.

These families were all at a high risk of violence from the Taliban for their involvement in World Compassions education and skills training programs for women and children.

The 11 were initially moved out of their homes and into a safe house over four weeks ago. Since then, we have been actively pursuing opportunities for evacuation that only resulted in closed door after closed door.

However, late last night a breakthrough came. We received a call on 1.5 hours notice, and these families were able to get to a rendezvous point and be transported safely out of the country.

We are happy to report that everyone has arrived in their new country of residence safely!

The Need Is Still Great


1. Evacuation For High-Risk Christian Families 

We are working to evacuate several Christian families who are at high risk of threats by the Taliban. You can help today by supporting our Afghan relief efforts.  Evacuations can range from $1,000 Р$3,000 and sometimes even more.

2. Those Who Remain

Many Christian families who remain are currently living in safe housing waiting to be evacuated. While others who plan to stay for the long term are having to find new housing out of concern that their neighbors could tell the Taliban they are a Christian family.

We are helping families in both scenarios to find safe housing in Afghanistan. In addition, we are providing food assistance, transportation and other basic living needs.

3. Those Who Have Left

In addition, we are providing relief to meet the needs of families who have fled as they arrive in their new country of residence.

Ways To Pray For Afghanistan:

Favor and safe travels for Christian families who are trying to leave the country.

The safety, peace and wisdom for Christians who will stay in Afghanistan, and divine strategy to continue to move the Gospel forward.

The families who have left Afghanistan to be able to rebuild their lives, fulfill their purpose and be a blessing to the nation they arrive in.


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