Bring Bibles to the Middle East this Christmas

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World Compassion Terry Law Ministries d/b/a World Compassion and its affiliates are not a part of nor associated with Compassion International. Your gift will be used for these projects and many other outreaches of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries.

The road is still open…

16 people lost their lives in a recent attack on those who smuggle Bibles for World Compassion. Our main contact survived the attack, and even though he was injured and mourning, he was able to say by faith, “The road is still open so let’s keep moving.”

Because of the bold faith shown by our team in the Middle East, we are moving ahead to complete our goal of delivering 100,000 Bibles before the end of the year.

We have the Bibles ready to go. All it costs is $6 (£4.59) to bring the Word of God to the Middle East this Christmas.

As we approach the end of the year and a season of giving, would you prayerfully consider making a special year-end gift to World Compassion? Thank you for standing with us and supplying the Church on the front lines in nations hostile to the Gospel!