Bibles Across Borders

Sending Bibles to nations restricted to the Gospel.

The journey of one Bible from the place it was printed to a person who is living in a nation that’s hostile to the Gospel is a long one across restricted borders. In some of these nations, laws declare Christian evangelical activity such as distributing Bibles “spreading corruption on earth”, a charge that carries huge fines or imprisonment. Yet Christianity is growing at a higher rate than it ever has in these restricted nations, and Bibles are needed now more than ever.

Since 1969, World Compassion has delivered over 100,000 Bibles and millions of copies of The Story of Jesus booklet to nations that are hostile to the Gospel. You can help us continue sharing Jesus by putting a Bible into the hands of a believer or person seeking to know the Truth in restricted nations in the Middle East. It costs $6 (£4.59) to provide one Bible, $60 (£45.90) to provide 10 Bibles or $600 (£459.00) to provide 100 Bibles.

When you give a Bible, you’re not just providing a book to a person; you are giving believers hope for the future and giving them Life. Give a Bible today and be a part of the awakening happening in nations that are hostile and restricted to God’s Word.

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You can be the one to transform a life in the Middle East by giving a Bible today for only $6 (£4.59).

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