The journey of one Bible from the place it was printed to a person who is living in a nation that's hostile to the Gospel is a long one across restricted borders. In some of these nations, laws declare Christian evangelical activity such as distributing Bibles is "spreading corruption on earth", a charge that carries huge fines or imprisonment. Yet Christianity is growing at a higher rate than it ever has in these restricted nations, and Bibles are needed now more than ever.

World Compassion has provided millions of Bibles to people in nations restricted to the message of Jesus over 50 years.

Many living in nations hostile to the Gospel lack access to Bibles and other Christian literature. Although in today’s world digital Bibles are available and are an incredible resource, we know the printed Bible is still in high demand. Many simply prefer to hold a physical Bible while others still do not have access to digital versions.

It’s more than a Bible. In most cases, each Bible is given out by a local Christian in a target nation. This creates a quality one-on-one ministry opportunity for a local Christian to provide the gift of a Bible and build an ongoing relationship with the recipient. These relationships often lead to ongoing discipleship opportunities and the chance to become a part of a church family. 

You can provide a Bible to someone in a restricted nation while empowering a local Christian with a ministry opportunity. It’s not just a book…it’s life, peace, hope, and a better future.

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