Providing 100,000 Bibles for Iran

Today, right now, there is someone in Iran, desperately seeking a Bible. A book that has been forbidden for over 30 years. About 90 percent of the under 30 generation is searching for something other than Islam to believe in. The Iranian people need hope, truth, and life in a tangible form that they can keep in their hands and hearts. By sending 100,000 Bibles to Iran, we are providing the Iranian people with a world of knowledge in their own language.

When you give, you are not just providing a book to a person, you are giving them the Bible. You are giving them hope for the future. You are giving them Life as Solomon put it. (Proverbs 4:22) This is not an easy process and many risk their lives to get Bibles into Iran and many risk their lives to receive a Bible but they ALL say it is worth the risk.

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By giving a Bible, you’re making a world of difference for Christians in Iran who are hungry for the Word of God.

$6.00 (£4.75) delivers a Bible to a new Christian or someone who is seeking Christ in Iran.

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