* Below is a true story from a young woman named Shirrine who is mothering the baby of an ISIS soldier. Shirrine is the cousin of Sazan, who’s story was shared in our September letter. Shirrine’s story is very similar to her cousin’s, and the only details changed in this account were Shirrine’s name and the other names mentioned in this story for safety and confidentiality. The following story is graphic, so reader discretion is advised.


My name is Shirrine, and I’m a 20-year-old Yazidi woman who gave birth to an ISIS terrorist’s child in September 2017. I was liberated from ISIS in August and brought to the Safe House by my cousin, Sazan, who also escaped ISIS sexual slavery. I want to share a small piece of my story with you so that you may help share with others what has happened to my people.

The day my cousin Sazan and I were taken by ISIS soldiers, the men in my family were shot to death and the older women were buried alive. In the night, the terrorists loaded the young women and girls into trucks and took us to Mosul, which was then an ISIS-held city.

I was sold before the sun rose the next morning, and in the darkness of night I was driven to a man’s home in Raqqa, Syria. When I first entered the house, his wife looked me over with disgust. She told me that her husband had received me as a free gift and that I was worthless. I was to be a house servant to them and their 6 children and was taught the Muslim prayers and traditions.

After a year in their household, I begged the man to allow me to go back to Iraq. I continued to cry and was inconsolable until finally he agreed. No time was wasted as they drove me directly to a wedding hall in Mosul, where there were two other Yazidi girls. I refused to choose a husband from among the ISIS militants, and so I cooked and served the soldiers living there for more than a month until one day, a bomb was dropped on the wedding hall.

The girls and I were found in the collapsed building, blindfolded and taken to a vacant house by more ISIS soldiers. We stayed there for about 25 days until the other girls were married off and taken away. I was told I would stay alone if I still refused to marry. Every day I heard the helicopters buzzing overhead, and I was terrified. I imagined the reality of another bomb dropping that would cause the building to collapse on top of me and crush me to death.

Six days passed, and as fear grew, I finally pretended to agree to marry one of the soldiers to get out of the building. Under severe pressure I chose a husband from five ISIS men. He took me to his sister’s house, fearing his own wife would not approve of the second marriage, and it was there that he raped me many times and eventually sold me to a third man. This third man also raped me; he raped me for two years. This is also the man who is the father of my child.

When the Iraqi army and paramilitary units finally liberated us from ISIS, I was allowed to escape with another Muslim family to the safety of the waiting government authorities and the Kurdistan Regional Government. It is there I somehow once again found my cousin, Sazan, who brought me to the Safe House.

At the time of my freedom, I was 8 months pregnant with the unborn child of an ISIS soldier. Now, that child is born, I am a mother, and I am reminded every day of my enslavement.


When Shirrine arrived four weeks after escaping ISIS, she was extremely tired and still wearing the ISIS clothing she had fled in. The Safe House director felt compassion for her and took her into the city to buy some new clothes and other essentials. She had nothing – no toothbrush, no valuables, nothing of her own except the garments she wore. She sobbed as she shopped in the local mall, fearing the Muslims walking by and overwhelmed by uncertainty at her first taste of freedom in more than three years.

Our team has worked with Shirrine nearly every day since she came to the Safe House, and they realized that she very much wants to keep her baby; however, the Yazidi community does not want anything to do with the babies and children of these women who were impregnated by ISIS soldiers. The families are demanding the women get rid of the children, and there are even stories of Yazidi women in refugee camps who have their children taken away in military vehicles. No one knows for sure where the babies are taken, and the mothers lose all contact with them.

It was clear to both us and the director of the Safe House that Shirrine felt she had no choice but to give up her baby, and today, World Compassion, is helping to provide an alternative for these new and brave mothers like Shirrine through the Safe House.


This Christmas Season, we ask you to remember another Child. A Child who, like the children born from ISIS enslaved mothers, was born into a family that many considered “shameful.” The Savior of the world was also born in “scandal” as He stepped down from His throne in Heaven to live as a servant to all. This Child, one born in shame and scandal, sacrificed His comfort, His needs and His life, to make each of us children of God. Children who are accepted, cleansed, and free of shame. Children that are born for a purpose and are deeply loved by their Father.

We want to invite you to take a stand and love on these ladies who have chosen to keep and love these children as our Father has chosen to keep and love us. Be in prayer for strength and wisdom as each mother raises these babies. We ask you for your help in sponsoring these women so that they may go through the recovery program in our Safe House. It costs $750 or £568 per a month to sponsor one of these ladies.

The money will be used to cover the salaries of the ladies dwelling there. Additionally, it will be utilized to cover monthly expenses, such a skills training, counseling, food, electric, fuel for the generator, cleaning and for other day to day supplies.

We need your help to bring restoration to these broken mothers and children. Please prayerfully consider what you can provide through your Christmas Giving. We have the opportunity to show the love of our Father this Christmas by caring for these ladies and their children. Will you join us in loving those who were once overwhelmed with shame by helping to restore what was has been lost and broken?

You Can Give Life This Christmas to Women & Children

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