Bringing Hope to Generations

A look inside the Iraq vocational school

For 20 years, World Compassion has officially been working in Iraq, bringing hope and transformation to lives by meeting physical and spiritual needs.

While in the country recently, we got to witness how the vocational school is equipping refugee ladies with the skills they need to turn their family’s lives around, even after all this time.

You can engage with some of those stories on this page, but you can also take an active part in completely transforming women and the next generation. 

For $130 (£109), you can sponsor one lady to go through the training. 

Your gift today could give a woman, her children, and her children’s children hope for the future.

Next month, hear about people’s lives being changed in Iran and more on what happened at our Iran leadership conference.

In the meantime, you can continue sending Bibles into Iran. People are coming to know Christ by reading these! 

It costs $9 (£8) to put a Bible into someone’s hand inside Iran. We currently have around 120,000 Bibles ready to go. Let’s continue to rally together and reach 120,000 people with the Gospel in Iran!

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Mina’s Story

Mina is a young woman we met just a few weeks ago. She is 25 and has lived in a refugee camp for the past ten years. She was just fifteen years old when her family had to flee their home.

Just months after arriving in the camp, her parents arranged for her to be married. Today, she has three children.

She told us she enrolled in these training courses just to give her a reason to leave her tent and walk to the other side of the camp. For this to be her motivation tells you how low she was emotionally and mentally.

Mina told us the more she began coming to the classes, the more she began to realize how light and free the room felt. She shared how the teacher had so much happiness and how she just wanted to be around her.

Mina has not given her life to Jesus yet, but we believe she is close. Please be praying for her heart to be open to the Holy Spirit.

Sarah's Story:
A vocational school testimony

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Though the world has forgotten about these people, God has not and neither can we.

With your support, we can transform more lives for people who are trying to find a new pathway forward in life.

How many refugee women could you help provide a life-changing opportunity to? A gift of $130 (£109) reaches one lady, $260 (£218) reaches two ladies, and $650 (£545) reaches five.

Additionally, you can help us reach 120,000+ people with God’s Word in Iran! We have the Bibles ready to go!

How many people can you help reach? How many Bibles can you help send for just $9 8) per Bible?

When you give, you’re sowing seed into what God is doing in the Middle East.

Yes! I want to join you in changing the lives of people in Iraq and Iran!

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