One of the most effective ways to impact a nation with the Gospel is to empower local believers to reach their own communities.

China’s oppressive regulations toward religious groups force the Chinese church to meet in smaller gatherings. This requires a significant amount of trained leaders - making a strong house church discipleship program essential for the health and growth of the Chinese Church.

World Compassion has created two programs with hundreds of hours of material available in print and digital formats to enable underground churches in China to reach people through comprehensive training.

ABC Program

The ABC program helps disciple new believers from the basics of the faith all the way through to evangelism, marriage, leadership and church planting.

China Mission School (CMS)

China Mission School (CMS) allows disciples to take the next step, giving them tools to learn how to share their faith with other cultures across China, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This gives us the potential to train the largest national church in the world.

To build on the foundation of these training programs we also offer annual conferences as a rare opportunity for the underground Church to get together in larger numbers to receive outside teaching on relevant topics.

You can help a believer in China receive this new training, opening them up to new insights from the Bible and giving them the training they need to share Jesus and effectively make more disciples.

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