Your Church’s Mission Department

Through our church partnerships, World Compassion is providing an avenue for local churches and other ministries to partner together on Compassion Evangelism projects around the world, empowering each party to achieve greater efficiency and overall impact. As you partner with World Compassion, we act as a facilitator and overseer on behalf of your church for work in nations difficult to access with the Gospel.

Our goal is to function as your missions department helping you develop your global mission strategy, accessible and connected as if we were just down the hall from your office. As we work together, we can increase the global impact of your church through our Compassion Evangelism projects worldwide.

World Compassion believes strongly in the local church and its power to bring sustainable transformation in the lives of people. For this reason, we funnel our resources for Compassion Evangelism ministries through local churches in target nations to reach the hurting and lost in some of the most hostile environments around the world.

Using Compassion Evangelism ministries to empower the local church gives them the opportunity to reach more people, and therefore grow their churches and the long-term impact they can have in a given community.

What We Do For You

In an effort to keep you and your church informed, and for us to function as a team, we want to make you aware of the following services World Compassion can provide for you. These services are designed to help your church understand the impact you are making, and celebrate the victories we are winning together as progress is made “on the ground.”
Reporting: We provide videos, photos, stories, blogs, and email updates to help keep you aware of the impact your church is making in our shared projects worldwide.
Customized Videos: World Compassion produces a semi annual DVD to bring context to the vast progress you and your Church family have made around the world. These videos can be produced with a special intro and exit that show your church’s logo.
Personal Connection: As a part of our team, you will have access to the World Compassion staff to help answer any questions you may have about your partnership with us.
Equip: When it is time to rally your church and fundraise for a project, World Compassion will provide all the necessary information and tools (customized videos, stories, talking points etc.), to help you properly articulate the need, our response, and call to action.  Arrangements can also be made if you desire to have a World Compassion staff member come and present to your church.
Oversight: As your missions department, World Compassion is in regular communication with our staff and church leaders in target nations providing resources, encouragement, and direction as necessary. We help oversee the day to day logistics of these various ministry outreaches. Through a high level of communication, we provide guidance and help coordinate ministry efforts with indigenous leaders in order to make the greatest impact. We ensure the highest level of ministry possible while cultivating a mindset of “working together.”
Increase Your Giving Budget: We believe that by providing resources to consistently communicate with your church what you are doing around the world we will help you increase your overall missions budget. We want to enable you to give towards World Compassion projects and create a culture of giving that will benefit the other outreaches that are currently in your heart.
Resources: As a result of this partnership, each month we will send you resources to consistently communicate to your church what they are doing to impact the world. We have created a Dropbox system that will provide you with these resources on a consistent basis:

– Instagram Post
– Facebook Post
– Content for all social media
– A story from the field
– Talking points for the Pastor
– Quarterly we will send a video highlighting one of the countries and ongoing projects

What You Can Do

Churches can partner with World Compassion by choosing a target country or a project that may be on their heart or be something they are passionate about.

Currently World Compassion has active ministry and compassion outreach projects in China, Iran, Iraq and Myanmar (Burma). Projects include: Syrian Refugee Relief, Child Sponsorship, Bibles for Iran, Bible and Mission Schools in China, Church Planting in Myanmar, and Pastor and Leadership Conferences in China and Myanmar.

Depending on the project or target nation, churches can then partner through:

Praying – Specific prayer items will be posted on our website to mobilize prayer for a variety of needs, including political situations in target nations, people who are being ministered to, ministry projects in hostile environments, or other prayer needs.
Giving – If your church is interested in financially partnering with World Compassion, you can make a one-time or monthly financial contribution to World Compassion of any amount.
Hosting – Host a “Mission Sunday” or “Missions Month” at your church. As your missions department, we want to equip YOU to present and rally your congregation around the project of your choice. We’ll provide you with stories, videos, pictures, graphic slates and necessary statistics to help you communicate the need and vision to your congregation. As you will have access to our staff, we can also discuss your mission Sunday by phone or Skype, allowing you to ask us specific questions you may have, giving you the confidence you need when speaking to your congregation.
Going – As we continue to expand our ministry, we aim to provide opportunities for partner churches to have hands on involvement in our target countries through strategic projects and events such as evangelistic outreaches, church plants and training conferences. (*Currently available for Myanmar and Syrian Refugee Relief partnerships only.)

When you become a partner
with World Compassion, you are…

  • Changing the lives of people living in difficult environments around the world by meeting practical needs and delivering the message of Jesus Christ.
  • Working in areas of the world you may not already be reaching, making a bigger impact, and getting a bigger bang for your buck by coordinating our efforts and pooling our resources.

  • Joining a unified movement of churches from various denominational backgrounds around the world, to answer the call of Christ to unite with other believers as One Body, which Jesus Himself prayed would demonstrate His love to the world.
  • Playing a vital part of a strategic and focused effort that is effectively training and empowering indigenous believers to minister the gospel in their own community— reducing travel costs, helping with language and cultural barriers, and allowing for life-changing ministry work to continue 365 days a year.


Current Giving Opportunities Include