It’s estimated that the Christian church in Iran is growing at an annual rate of 5.2%. There seems to be an open mind and a new way of thinking within the upcoming generations, as many young people express their desire to learn about Christianity and other religions. We believe Iran is poised for God to move. An important part of this is putting the life-giving message of God’s Word in the hands of the people.

Join us in providing Bibles to the nation of Iran, where they have been banned for over 30 years. World Compassion’s goal is to provide Iranian Believers with 100,000 Bibles. We have already delivered 34,175 Bibles. An additional 34,625 have already been acquired and need only to be delivered.

Listed below are two ways you can get involved in this tremendous opportunity.

Make A Donation

Right now you can ship a Bible to a believer in Iran for $7.50.  Here are some examples of what your church could accomplish together:

  • Provide 1,333 Iranian believers a Bible for $10,000
  • Provide 667 Iranian believers a Bible for $5,000
  • Provide 333 Iranian believers a Bible for $2,500

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Host A Missions Sunday

You can host a mission Sunday at your church on behalf of World Compassion. In an effort to make sure your campaign is the best it can be, please contact us so we can discuss specifically how we can serve you to make sure your campaign is a success.

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