1.6 million children in Burma are either orphans or have lost one parent. Facing the dangers of a crippled economy and human trafficking, these children are desperate for the protection and provision of a family. Just 60% of all children in Burma even have an opportunity for an education, and less than half of this group will complete 4th grade. Our new orphanage in Burma, overseen by a local church, is the first Christian orphanage in a city of 100,000 people. Until we came, the only other hope for children to survive outside of harsh child labor was the Buddhist monastery.

Our orphanage is not just providing supplemental care for children, but is literally providing full care for every need a child has.  These needs include tuition, school supplies, school uniforms, play clothes, three nutritious meals a day, medical care, birthday celebrations, and Christmas gifts. Our care covers all the operational expenses of the home and supports the loving staff who run the program.

Our mission is to help “raise” these children as if they were our own. Listed below are two ways your church can make an impact.

Child Sponsorship

Your church can come together as a congregation to sponsor one or several children each month.

  • Raise 10 Children – $2,100/month or $25,200/year
  • Raise 5 Children – $1,050/month or $7,560/year
  • Raise 1 Child – $210/month or $2,520/year

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Host a Missions Sunday

Your church can help in raising children by hosting a “Raise a Child” Sunday. If you are interested in hosting a “Raise a Child” Sunday, please contact us so we can discuss specifically how we can serve you to make sure your campaign is a success.


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