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Downloadable Resources:

Click the above link to download a folder of resources you can use at your church.

Below, you’ll find two ways your church can make a difference in the Middle East refugee crisis.

Host A Missions Sunday

You can host a missions Sunday at your church on behalf of World Compassion. In an effort to serve you, we are happy to provide your church with videos, stories, talking points, and statistics to help make your campaign a success. Please contact us so we may discuss specifically how World Compassion can best serve your church’s needs.

Make A Donation

Your church can change the lives of Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqis by providing food and the message of Jesus Christ.

Your Church can feed a refugee each month for $25. Choose to feed a group of 10 for $250 or 100 for $2,500 per month.

Your church can ship a donated container of food with approximately 250,000 meals, for $12,000.

Enter the amount you want to give:
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World Compassion Terry Law Ministries d/b/a World Compassion and its affiliates are not a part of nor associated with Compassion International. Your gift will be used for these projects and many other outreaches of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries.

Making a Difference

World Compassion believes that compassion evangelism is a key to unlocking the door of people’s hearts.  Anytime you can help someone at their most urgent time of need, their heart is often more open to the gospel. We provide monthly distributions of food for Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqi families in Kurdistan (northern Iraq), distributed through local Iraqi Christian churches.

With each food distribution, World Compassion aims to provide Christian literature or a spoken message of hope found in Jesus Christ. This is done through preaching (depending on the social climate at the time) and offering our The Story of Jesus booklet and/or a Bible in their own language.

We encourage and assist local pastors in their follow-up and discipleship model to ensure those coming to Christ are integrated into a local body of believers and taught the core principles of the Christian faith.