Helping Develop Your Church's Missions Strategy

We want to help your church connect with the body of Christ throughout the world.

What We Can Achieve Together


Experience a personalized global missions strategy that directly impacts people and accomplishes compassion-based projects.


Bring sustainable transformation to communities isolated from Church resources and relationships through the indigenous local church.

Reaching Hostile Nations

Connect to the far reaches of the world where access is limited and the Church is desperate for help.

What We Do For You

Our team has a streamlined system that provides your church with updates from “on the ground” in the projects you support around the world. These services are designed to help celebrate the victories we are winning together and the direct impact made through your support. In order to help you tell the story better, we will provide you with these materials.

  • We provide customized videos, photos, stories, blogs, and email updates sent directly to your church staff every month to help keep you aware of the impact your church is making in projects worldwide.
  • As a part of our team, you will have access to the World Compassion staff to help answer any questions you may have about your partnership with us. We are available any time your church needs more information or is after an update.
  • World Compassion is in regular communication with our staff and church leaders in target nations providing resources, encouragement, and direction as necessary. We ensure the highest level of ministry possible while cultivating a mindset of “working together.”
    We believe that by effectively connecting you to the mission field in other nations, we will help you cultivate a culture of outreach within your church.

Where We Work

Iraq – The Safe House

Thousands of women from the small religious minority group known as the Yazidi people have become slaves under ISIS and their extreme interpretation of Islam. World Compassion is helping to open a safe house for these women in order to restore and empower them to integrate back into society. 

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China – Partnering with Believers Underground

Though underground, the Chinese Church will not relent under the pressures of a communist government, and we are supporting our brothers and sisters to that end. Hundreds of thousands of men and women are coming to Christ, yet often their knowledge and understanding of the Bible is limited. 

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Iran – Bible Smuggling

World Compassion’s goal is to provide Iranian Believers with 100,000 Bibles in a nation where they have been banned for over 30 years. We believe the next generation in Iran is poised for God to move and is hungry for tremendous change. To accomplish this goal we utilize drug smugglers to transport the Bibles into Iran.

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Myanmar – Raising Up Children & Churches

Through Bible training, church planting and orphan care, we are raising up disciples to blanket the nation of Myanmar with the love of Christ. With changes in the government we believe there is an unprecedented opportunity to affect the nation.

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What It Looks Like

Changing Lives

Changing the lives of people living in difficult environments around the world by meeting practical needs and delivering the message of Jesus.


Joining a unified movement of churches from various denominational backgrounds around the world, answering the call of Christ to unite with other believers as One Body, and demonstrating the way in which Jesus Himself prayed we would show His love to the world.


Working in areas of the world you may not already be reaching and making a bigger impact by coordinating and pooling our resources.

Strategic Effort

Playing a vital part of a strategic and focused effort that is effectively training and empowering indigenous believers to minister the gospel in their own community— reducing travel costs, helping with language and cultural barriers, and allowing for life-changing ministry work to continue 365 days a year.

Terry Law giving food to Syrian refugees in Kurdistan, Iraq

Let’s get things started!

We would love the opportunity to connect with you, and discuss how partnering together could benefit these believers – providing your church with a broader reach!

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World Compassion Terry Law Ministries strives to be financially accountable and transparent in everything that we do. In 2010 we were accepted as a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

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