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Helping the Chinese church discover their giftings and use them to expand God’s Kingdom!

Breaking the Mindset

Many people in China and Myanmar have faith, but oppressive communist ideologies and sweeping religious restrictions keep them from seeing themselves as leaders.

Our ABC discipleship and leadership training program is breaking this mindset and helping people discover their true identity and realize they are created for more!

The latest from China

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Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen the Chinese people take to the streets in protest. They are demanding freedom from oppression.

Jason shares more about recent events and how World Compassion is addressing the biggest needs in the Chinese Church.

World Compassion’s ABC discipleship and leadership training program is helping people discover they are created for more!

This isn’t just critical for the emerging leaders of today but also for the next generation who will lead tomorrow.

How does the Gospel move forward in a country if we don’t reach its children? The answer: it doesn’t.

So we’re adding children’s Bible resources to give to every church and family that uses our ABC curriculum!

This means every new ABC student in China and Myanmar enrolled in the program will also receive specialized content for children! 

The devil may be trying to use power-hungry people and communism to stop the spread of the Gospel and the growth of God’s Church, but God has chosen to use us to overcome him.

$60 (£50) disciples an entire family in China or Myanmar!

Will you partner with us to help encourage and train these people?

I want to help families in China and Myanmar realize they are created for more!

$50 (£41) provides our ABC Bible and Leadership teaching to one emerging leader. $10 (£9) puts Christian resources into a child’s hands, reaching them in their developmental years. $60 (£50) disciples an entire family.

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Created for More

What might be hiding inside of you that God wants to use this year?

Take a moment to read the full devotional or listen to the message as you go about your day.


Prayer Request

- Pray for the safety of the printers, distributors, and students who will receive these resources.

- Pray for our staff in China who communicate regularly with pastors throughout the country, coordinating these efforts and sending us reports.

- Pray for protection and the continued ability to move freely in advancing God’s Kingdom.