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Fueling Growth in Cuba

Our team returned from Cuba last month, six days before the passing of Fidel Castro. The change happening in this country and the strength of the Church is a clear moving of God in this nation, and we encourage you to share in it!

Ninety miles off the coast of Florida, Cuba is the United States’ next-door neighbor. The country has experienced widespread poverty and oppression under Communism, and with the country looking to a new leader, our hope is that the people and the Church will experience greater freedom.

On the ground, our team hosted a two-day pastors’ conference for pastors from 13 different denominations across the island nation, sharing a message of unity within the Church to reach people outside of it.

We also brought Living Sound to Cuba in three standing-room only worship concerts in two different cities. Churches rallied their young people to fill venues in both Havana and Matanzas with thousands who need Jesus. At these events, worship leaders, pastors and members of our team shared their testimonies and the Gospel message. Over one hundred and fifty youth gave their lives to the Lord and were connected with churches and believers that week.

We believe there is a fire building in the hearts of church leaders and the next generation, and as the country changes and the church unites, we believe it will spread across the island of Cuba. We know God is doing a great work in Cuba, and together we can help fuel it!

You can help expand the church in Myanmar!

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Making Disciples in Myanmar

Imagine having dozens of children dropped off at your church as orphans, but there are no civil services available to take them in. Or having to great distances to the nearest church. Imagine wanting to be a pastor or to have greater knowledge of the Bible, but not having access to the resources in order to do so. The Church in Myanmar exists in a difficult religious, political and socio-economic environment, and many churches and believers in this country face these very challenges.

Since 2008, we have heavily invested in equipping the local church to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of their communities with the love of Christ. We have done this by building the first Christian orphanage in a city of 100,000, developing curriculum to train and equip emerging leaders, graduating hundreds of new leaders and church planters from this program, building a housing facility for up to 40 students, and partnering with the local church to understand the challenges that the Church at large can help overcome.

Thank you for all that you’ve helped accomplish in Myanmar. Your faithful giving has provided the way for many leaders to be developed and for orphans to have a new home. For the strength you’ve helped give the Church and for helping change many lives with the message of the Gospel. Together, we will help raise up the Church in Myanmar to reach many people with the love and compassion of Christ.

Let’s finish strong in 2016!

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