"To The Ends Of The Earth"

How indigenous leaders and influencing Gospel movement across southeast Asia

World Compassion uses ABC as a tool to train people in God’s Word and teach leadership principles so that the local church can reach their own nations!

In restricted and remote environments, building a mega-church is often not an option.

Instead, by training the multitudes to lead, we empower and equip them to go where no one else can go and reach people no one else can reach!

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Check out the video above to hear directly from a church planter in Myanmar who graduated from World Compassion’s Ministry Training Center!

You can be a part of raising up leaders to take the Gospel across southeast Asia and to “the ends of the earth”!

You can help train, equip, and mobilize local Christians to reach southeast Asia with the Gospel!

Remote and restricted regions are starving for church leadership to rise up from within their own nation. 

World Compassion is thoughtfully addressing this need in Myanmar and China through our ABC program, which ultimately produces strong, confident disciples who know God’s Word and are prepared to engage their region – urban or remote – with the Gospel. 

Ask yourself: Do I share God’s heart for people living at “the ends of the earth?”

You might not be able to go, but are you able to give

Between our goals for 1,000 additional students in Myanmar and 1,600 in China, it will take $130,000 (£98,800) to see this discipleship project through for 2022. 

Together, we can reach “the ends of the earth” by making disciples and training leaders in Myanmar and China!

I want to train, equip, and mobilize an indigenous leader in southeast Asia!

For every $50 (£38) you give, you start one discipleship student in Myanmar or China.

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Let's pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in southeast Asia - that they would awaken to their calling, that their ministry would be fruitful, and that the Lord would encourage them personally as they serve Him.