The power of a single Bible.

Just what can the Word of God accomplish?

At World Compassion, we regularly hear testimonies of salvation, healing, restoration, reconciliation, turn-around, and breakthrough, each one tracing back to a single encounter with a single Bible. 

This is the power of the Gospel: it is, “living and powerful, sharper than a two edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12), and, “life to those who find it and health to all their flesh (Proverbs 4:22). 

This giving season, we are sharing stories that demonstrate #ThePowerOfOne – the power of one Bible, in the hands of one person, made possible by the generosity of one giver. 

We invite you to find yourself in these stories.

When did one Bible change your life?
Who influenced you for Christ?
Will you give the gift of the Gospel this Christmas season?

At this very moment, we have 40,000 Bibles ready to be moved into Iran by Christmas and dozens of Iranian believers poised to distribute them.  

This #GivingTuesday and throughout the giving season, will you be the one who gets the Gospel into the hands of someone who needs it?

A single Bible has the potential to equip a believer and create opportunity for discipleship. This is #ThePowerOfOne. And you can play a part.

Saeed’s Story:

From Stealing Sheep to Finding the Shepherd

Monir’s Story:

Running Away, Finding Home

Reza’s Story:

Encountering God Stuck in Traffic

Shawni’s Story:

Delivered by a Daughter’s Prayer

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