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You can be an advocate for hope by providing a relief pack to a refugee family living in the desert right now. These families have a vast number of needs, as most are living on almost nothing. The mayor of a new refugee camp outside of Erbil told us, “More than 100,000 refugees came to Erbil and we can’t handle more refugees… They are here living in inhumane situations. We need air-conditioning systems, small refrigerators, and basically everything a human being would need, including food and water.”

World Compassion is helping to meet these different needs by providing a variety of relief packs. You can bring hope and cast out fear by sending a relief pack to a refugee family living in the desert today.



Send a Relief Pack to a Refugee

Air Cooler – $144 (£85)
Stove/Heater – $66 (£39)
Kitchen Pack – $56 (£33)
Sleeping Mats – $38 (£23)
Blankets – $30 (£18)
Food Pack – $15 (£9)
Toiletry Pack – $9 (£6)


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World Compassion Terry Law Ministries is not a part of nor affiliated with Compassion International. Your gift will be used for these projects and many other outreaches of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries.




There are various relief packs that are essential items every family needs to get on their feet during their first weeks in a refugee camp. Each pack helps meet the immediate needs of a family, and are supplemented by monthly distributions of food and necessities from World Compassion through local churches on the ground. Your gift towards one or more of these relief packs can give a family the hope they need to get through times of crisis.









Food Pack
-includes: Rice, Tomato Paste, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Spaghetti, Cheese, & Bulgur
Toiletry Pack
-includes: Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Soap, Shampoo, Detergent
Kitchen Pack
-includes: Six Liter Thermos, Cooking Pot, Utensils, Drinking Glasses, Plates, Bowls, Tea Cups
-this stove is not only used to cook food but doubles as a heater for a families in winter months
Air Cooler
-in the extreme desert heat these small air conditioning units provide much needed relief to families living in tents
Sleeping Mats




The Crisis

“This is a human tragedy beyond all comprehension.” – Kurdish Regional Government

As the violence spreads from Syria to Iraq, the Jihadist group ISIS has conquered approximately 1/3 of Iraq, combining this with territory in Syria, and forming a new territory called The Islamic State. These terrorists have already displaced 1.2 million Iraqis and killed 2,000 in just the first month of violence in Iraq, destabilizing the entire region.

250,000 people from Syria and 500,000 from Iraq have fled to the federal region of Kurdistan for safe haven leaving approximately 750,000 refugees in Kurdistan from Syria and Iraq needing immediate help.

There isn’t much left of Syria today. The destruction to infrastructure is estimated in the billions, the economy has collapsed, and their currency has little value. Iraq seems to be following suit as the war between Sunni and Shiite Muslims rages on. The devastation to human life is incalculable, and has created the worst refugee crisis in modern history.

In Syria alone there has been over 2.5 million people displaced outside their country, and 6.5 million internally.


The Gospel Welcomed

“We will protect Christians and any Muslim that chooses another faith.” – Minister of the Interior, Kareem Sinjari

Freedom of religion is written in the constitution of Kurdistan. Current government officials have expressed their desire to see religious freedom become a reality in their semi autonomous region of Iraq, presenting a historic opportunity for the Body of Christ to rally together and minister the gospel in the Middle East. We have the opportunity to bring hope and preach the gospel through humanitarian aid and to train and empower the local church to establish new churches among those reached.