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In The Midst Of Human Tragedy, There Is An Unprecedented Opportunity

There isn’t much left of Syria today. The destruction to infrastructure is estimated in the billions, the economy has collapsed, and their currency has little value. The devastation to human life is incalculable, and has created the worst refugee crisis in modern history. In Syria alone there has been over 2.5 million people displaced outside their country, and 6.5 million internally.

The destabilization of Syria allowed for the rise of ISIS, the most extreme islamic group in existence. ISIS has besieged cities throughout Syria and Iraq, and has formed a new country called the Islamic State which the size of Great Britian and covers territory in both countries. The implementation of their extreme form of Islam has caused mass killings of minorities, modern slavery, rape, child soldiers, and public beheadings. Their barbaric actions have caused fear to spread throughout the region, and displaced more than a million people inside of Iraq.

Nearly a million refugees from Syria and Iraq have fled into Kurdistan seeking safe haven from an evil dictator and islamic extremists.250,000 people from Syria and 600,000 from Iraq have fled to the federal region of Kurdistan for safe haven leaving approximately 850,000 refugees in Kurdistan from Syria and Iraq needing immediate help.

“This is a human tragedy beyond all comprehension.”
–Kurdish Regional Government




The Gospel Welcomed


“We will protect Christians and any Muslim that chooses another faith.”
Minister of the Interior, Kareem Sinjari

Freedom of religion is written in the constitution of Kurdistan. Current government officials have expressed their desire to see religious freedom become a reality in their semi autonomous region of Iraq, presenting a historic opportunity for the Body of Christ to rally together and minister the gospel in the Middle East. We have the opportunity to bring hope and preach the gospel through humanitarian aid and to train and empower the local church to establish new churches among those reached.


Be The Hero


This extension of freedom is historic in the Middle East. It provides the opportunity for Christians in the West and in Kurdistan to partner together in an initiative that could be a catalyst for revival in the Muslim world.

World Compassion is connecting donors around the world with churches and believers living in Iraq to serve Syrian refugees every day. We provide monthly food distributions for 4,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees, present the gospel message, and give them Bibles and The Story of Jesus booklets. We also provide seasonal items such as blankets, headers, and coats, to help refugees cope with the difficult weather conditions.



“We are not prepared to deal with the Syrian refugee crisis alone, we need your help.”
Minister of the Interior, Kareem Sinjari

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