As an intern at World Compassion, you are hand-picked to fulfill an irreplaceable role within our team, directly impacting our international ministry each and every day.

You will feel the responsibility and excitement of contributing to a creative team and get valuable hands-on experience in your field of work. Intern with us and get the skills you need to continue impacting our world as you move into the workforce.

Join our team by applying for one of our competitive internship positions today (read a description of each position below):

-Video Production Intern
-Social Media Intern
-Graphic Design Intern
-Writing and Communications Intern
-Web Development Intern
-Business Administration Intern

If you want to make a measurable difference, be challenged and grow in your professional skills, apply to join our team at World Compassion.

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Which position will make you shine?

Video Production Intern

Storytelling is what we do. If you’re looking to spend your day concepting, editing and shooting footage that makes a visual impact in a visual world, this internship is for you. We love finding the perfect background music, creating just-right lighting and searching the web for the best voiceover artists. If you’re jiving with this, you may be the video production intern we’re looking for. Come hone your skills and produce videos that motivate and inspire action because that action makes a difference in the lives of the people who need it.
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Social Media Intern

Our audience is engaging and getting news from all different platforms all day long. It’s our job to make sure they’re getting the news they need from World Compassion to keep them up-to-date on the world of difference that World Compassion is making in nations hostile to the Gospel. We do this through content development and creative posting that helps curate an interactive online community. If you like short, sweet sentences and can embrace hashtag research like a child embraces a blanket, then sign up here.
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Graphic Design Intern

It doesn’t matter what Adobe Suite design program you’re working in because you know the ins and outs of them all. This internship is designed in a way that will force you to hone your skills as a designer and marry them with the ability to communicate effectively. We want you to learn how to make beautiful art that causes people to say “Yes!” when we ask them to get involved.
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Writing and Communications Intern

If a blank page inspires you, rather than intimidates you, this is the internship for you. We’re artisans working as wordsmiths, and as an intern, you’ll be invited to come alongside our team to produce content and copy for each of World Compassion’s media outlets. You will learn the ins and outs of our ministry and how to think big and think creatively to write copy for a multitude of mediums.
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Web Development Intern

If you feel challenged to make this website look better than it does, this internship is for you. There are few people more valued in today’s workplace than a good web developer, and we’re looking for one to help us tell the story of World Compassion. By designing and coding web applications, you will create a platform that captures the attention of the world and creates the bridge that they can use to get involved in changing people’s lives.
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Business Administration Intern

These are the people who organize their sock drawers and color coordinate their closets – Scheduling, communicating, being a voice for the ministry – nothing scares them. You need to be an individual who isn’t afraid of a phone call or reaching out to someone new and have a heart that’s ready to do anything. Business Administration exists to make our organization run smoother and easier, and without it, we wouldn’t be here.
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