Iran is one of the most hostile nations to Christians on earth. Believers face persecution, imprisonment, and sometimes even death.

Despite the risk of heavy persecution for Christians in Iran, much of the church is boldly sharing the message of Jesus with people one-on-one.

A mass exodus from Islam has left many Iranians wondering what to believe in. Christians in the country are sharing the Gospel message, and people are coming to Christ at a rate that makes the Iranian church the fastest growing in the world today at 19% per year!

To help empower the Iranian church in evangelism and discipleship in the face of the regime’s tight grip on this nation, World Compassion has helped deliver over 240,000 Bibles into Iran!

Each Bible is distributed by an Iranian Christian as a gift to a new believer or someone who is seeking Truth. This creates an opportunity for connection with the local church body and allows for further discipleship to take place.

In addition, for pastors who do the difficult work of leading people in this environment, we offer leadership conferences for them to freely connect with one another while they receive fresh teaching and encouragement to pass along to their church. We also offer a discipleship program for lay leaders in churches across Iran.

You don’t have to travel to Iran to be a part of impacting the nation for Christ. For $7 (£6), you can put a Bible in the hands of someone in Iran and provide a local Iranian Christian with an effective one-on-one ministry opportunity.

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