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Green Light for Bibles for Iran: 100,000 Bibles for Those Seeking the Truth

For $6.00 (£4.62), you can put a Bible in the hands of an Iranian – a new believer, a Muslim searching for answers, or a person who has likely never had the opportunity to study the Word of God.

For 30 years, there has been intense persecution of Christians in Iran. Yet, in what seemed to be the darkest of days, thousands are turning to Christ as they question the cruel and violent beliefs of radical Islam and seek the truth. The Church is expanding despite the persecution – more than 5% every year! New believers across the nation are seeking God’s Word; disciples are hungry to come into deeper relationship with Christ.

Though the price for distributing Bibles is high–large fines and even imprisonment–men and women are eager to further encounter and know Christ. Bibles are in high demand, and over 56,000 copies have been smuggled into Iran already. We have the opportunity to provide Bibles to those with no access to God’s Word.

Now is the time to act.

Are you ready to join God where He is at work?