The people of Iraq have lived in constant fear and instability for years - experiencing war, the terror of ISIS, and threats from Iran.

World Compassion has worked in Iraq since 2002 working closely with local pastors in Iraq who are eager to bring relief to refugees and help to those who don’t know where to turn. We have provided hundreds of thousands of meals, containers of clothes and other aid over the years empowering the local church to meet the physical needs of people while also introducing them to Jesus.

We continue to provide food and other basic items to refugee families in need.

Sewing Project for Widows

Through this program we are restoring hope and dignity in the lives of women and children who have been forgotten and left behind. Widows and young women receive training and supplies to sew clothing for their family and create items they can sell to provide for their children.

Iraqi Christians run the program, providing a way for these women to start a new life and experience the love of God through the local church.

Planting Churches

Starting new churches in Iraq provides people the community of believers they need to grow in their relationship with God and flourish in their life. Through local churches the foundation is laid for more ministry outreach to become possible. You can help reach Iraq by supporting our refugee relief or church planting programs.

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