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Send a Bible Across Restricted Middle East Borders

“We cannot put into words how important it is that people have Bibles. We cannot put a price on the salvation of people. If Bibles stopped coming here, the Church would fall into a spiritual sleep. If the Church goes to sleep, who is going to evangelize and who is going to give Truth to a nation seeking it?” – Middle Eastern Believer

Those living in nations ruled by Islam are hungry for Truth, but often lack access to printed Bibles. Groups of believers are splitting up copies of Bibles just to read it. Christians are risking everything to evangelize to others. Lives are being changed by the Word of God, and the Gospel is spreading to even the most remote corners of the Middle East!

God is doing something great in this nation, and you can be a part of it! It costs just $6 (£4.62) to send a Bible to a believer or Muslim seeking Truth. Give someone the message of hope, Truth and love that they are so desperately searching for.

Will you join us as we answer the call and deliver Bibles Across Borders?