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Our consistency is paving the way for the gospel

The consistent aid we have been providing in the Koya refugee camp is tremendously blessing the families that live there. As you might already know, authentic relationships provide the foundation required to share the Gospel in the Middle East. The commitment of the local church to continue serving the people, through the aid World Compassion provides, is building these essential relationships and paving the way for the hope of the gospel to reach deep into the heart of these families.

The Syrian refugees in Koya are not part of a large, organized camp, which means they do not have access to much of the aid other refugees receive. We have targeted this group of people to help alleviate some of the need they have for food. We are already seeing the hearts of the people being opened up to the gospel message of Christ through our work!

Thank you for partnering with us to make this outreach ministry possible.

Change More Lives

Your giving empowers the local church in Kurdistan to serve Syrian refugees with much needed food and humanitarian aid. Give today and provide meals that pave the way for authentic relationships, and ultimately, the Gospel! Your donation of $50 will help deliver 1,000 meals, providing food for 16 refugees this month.

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