Event details:

Thursday, October 3rd:

  • World Compassion Gala Benefit Dinner celebrating 50 years of ministry at the Renaissance Hotel on Thursday evening. Check-in and reception begin at 6:00 PM, and the dinner and program follow at 7:00 PM. Living Sound will be particularly honored at this event. Don Moen, a recent Gospel Hall of Fame inductee, will be the featured Living Sound musician that night.

Friday, October 4th: (Main events of the 50-year reunion of Living Sound begin)

  • Breakfast (self-pay) at the Savoy (61st and Sheridan) at 8:00 AM – Larry Dalton’s favorite breakfast place in Tulsa.
  • Lunch at the original Goldie’s at 51st & Lewis at 11:45 AM (an opportunity to buy lunch for a team member you haven’t seen in 30 years)
  • Dinner at the Timko Barton Auditorium at ORU at 6:00 PM followed by a Living Sound concert and video of all alums until 10:00 PM. There will be opportunities for many to bring greetings and testimonies between songs like in our Living Sound concerts. Terry might preach one of his classic sermons, and we’ll finish with a time of prayer for one another.

Saturday, October 5th:

  • Brunch hosted by Terry and Barbara Law at their home at 10:00 AM
  • Optional visit to Tulsa’s new attraction The Gathering Place (a number of fun lunch options are available on site)

There is no official host hotel, but several hotels offer discount ORU rates. See the list of hotels here.

For further questions contact Joel Vesanen at the World Compassion office at 1-918-492-2858, ext 104 or on his cell 1-918-344-2698.

Don’t forget to send us your brief video greeting to be shown at the Living Sound Concert on Friday, October 4th. In the video please state your name (ladies please give us your maiden name as well), the years you were in Living Sound, how Living Sound changed your life and one of your funniest moments in Living Sound.

Once you’ve recorded your video, simply visit wetransfer.com, add the video from your phone or computer, and send it to info@worldcompassion.tv by September 15th.

Online registration for the Living Sound Reunion has ended. Please contact our office at (918) 492-2858 if you would like to register.

Attending the Living Sound Reunion

Gwen Alley
Steve Alley
Dale Anderson
HoneyBee Anderson
Pamela Andrews
Ross Andrews
Steve Baker
Jan Barczuk
Lurena Brubaker
Stella Calmeyer
Gary Cass
Sandy Cass
Cassandra Casto
Catherine Casto
Brent Clayton
Diane Clayton
Dan Cleary
Kristi Cleary
Kevin Decker
Jean DeLong
Jim DeLong
Jerry Dixon
Rose Dixon
Scoti Domeij
Carlo Einarsson
Pam Fay
Randy Fay
Brian Felty
Kim Felty
Roger Friend
Dolly Gilbert
Jim Gilbert
Kevin Gilbert
Lexi Gilbert
Nancy Gilbert
Gina Gould
Dixie Hall
Thomas Hall
Linda Hallden
Ron Hallden
LeMoin Helmle
Todd Homme
Emily Innes
Randy Innes
Ted Jeans
Elizabeth Karner
Lisa Kelley
Leslie Kent
Wayne Kent
Monique Kirton-Schellenberg
Rebecca Lauterbach
Barbara Law
Taylor Law
Terry Law
Matt Lawrence
Shawna Lawrence
Nichelle Livingston
Agneta Lundstrom
Kjell Lundstrom
Greg Lynch
Marilynda Lynch
Brenda McGuire
Michael McKibben
Nancy McKibben
Claren McQueen
Nancy McQueen
Bo Melin
Karen Melin
Ann Merkel
Steve Merkel
Warren Merkel
Don Moen
Laura Moen
Sherry Montieth
Tony Montieth
John Morris
David Morrison
Dan Murdock
Rocky Newby
Breyanne Nordtvedt
Brittany Nordtvedt
Judi Nordtvedt
Mark Nordtvedt
Billy ODell
Robin ODell
Gail Olson
Rosswell Olson
Carol Pelletier
Larry Pelletier
Katie Pennington-Rimmer
Jesse Peterson
Vallee Peterson
Bill Phares
Laura Phares
Fred Pope
Ulle Pope
Bruce Powell
Leta Rector
Walter Schellenberg
David Smith
Susan Smith
Ron Sommers
Wanda Sommers
Daphne Swilling
Eddie Taylor
Gary Tedder
Joel Vesanen
Ruth Vesanen
Rosemary Weir
Cody Wilson
Laurie Wilson
Bruce Winegar
Kathy Winegar

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