Living Sound is an international ministry movement that is reaching, unifying and mobilizing the 25-and-under generation around the world

Living Sound was founded in 1971 as an international music ministry, ministering the message of Jesus Christ in the closed and hostile nations of the world through music. Over 40 nations across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East have been impacted by the over 400 members of Living Sound.

After 28 years, Living Sound has re-launched as a ministry program of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries. Living Sound today aims to raise up new leaders in the church around the globe to reach their own nations for Christ.

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What does a Living Sound trip look like?

Traveling with Living Sound will give you the opportunity to use music as a tool to reach young people living in closed countries and mobilize the local church to transform their lives.


Play with the headlining Living Sound Band for outreach concert events. Each event will be hosted with local leaders, geared towards preparing them to launch their own young adult ministry in their community context.


Lead worship for national leadership conferences, encouraging church leaders and pastors to strengthen relationships and pave the way forward for the church to make a greater impact together in their nation.


Work with worship teams, pastors, church planters, and young adults towards launching Living Sound teams around the globe. In addition, we inspire and train local churches to conduct relevant weekly services and ministries to engage and mobilize the 25-and-under crowd on a consistent basis.

The Legacy of Living Sound

In February 1969, sixteen young people at Oral Roberts University from different churches, different backgrounds, and different parts of the country met together to discuss their personal convictions and calling to use music to reach others for Christ.

This simple discussion between friends birthed a historic vision for the team that became known as Living Sound: To unite as a team and to venture into the world together to extend their Christian witness to people everywhere through music – particularly to young people. Then as a united team of young people, they went and did it.

By 1972, THE LIVING SOUND co-founded by Terry Law and Larry Dalton was called “an ever-increasing voice of young evangelism that is making genuine and substantial contributions to people throughout the world today.” Within three years, they had travelled over 100,000 miles and preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to more than half a million people.

This powerful ministry continued for over twenty years.

Upcoming trips

We will be announcing our upcoming trips shortly. In the meanwhile, contact us if you’re interested in being a part of our team!

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