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Living Sound is taking off!

Thank you for your interest in helping re-launch Living Sound. We cannot express how excited we are to bring Living Sound back after 27 years. Living Sound is traveling to Burma in less than a month and your gift will not only help send the Living Sound musicians, it will also help cover the cost of the two concerts on the ground. The harvest is ready – so let’s go!



History of Living Sound

In the spring of 1969, ORU music legend Larry Dalton and I assembled 13 musically talented students for a one semester, weekend evangelistic team. But in God’s grand plan that team became Living Sound, a full-time mission organization that for the next eighteen years ministered in more than 60 countries, especially so-called “closed” nations such as the Soviet Union, Poland, and Vietnam.

Living Sound International eventually became World Compassion Terry Law Ministries, and today we minister extensively in the Muslim world, feeding and clothing refugees, and of course, explicitly focusing every effort on lifting up the name of Jesus.


Dr. Terry Law



A blast from the past!

We’ve included some songs that are from another era, many of them are over 40 years old, but the Gospel they proclaim is timeless. We hope they’ll bring back good memories for you.