With everything that has been going on in the Middle East, many of our Christian brothers and sisters have experienced the worst of the crisis. Many have lost their homes, lost family members, and been tortured for their belief in Christ. Even though the situation looks bleak, we have been presented an opportunity as the church to bind together and make a difference like never before!

Not only are we called to help those in need but also to reach out and help our Christian family. Paul says, “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”

Meet one of the church planters we’re sending out.

Building something great requires a great blueprint. World Compassion has a great blueprint for building the Church in Burma. Our blueprint is developing pastors and leaders like Kaw Do Say, a graduate from our Ministry Training Center in Burma.

In this inspiring video, you will hear why he chose to serve the Lord back in 2008 and the vision the Lord gave him to reach the city of Ay Mare!

UPDATE: We are happy to announce that we have fully funded the buildind project for a new dormitory for our Ministry Training Center, which was the goal of this video in July 2015. If you would still like to be a part of this project you can sponsor a student by clicking below.

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Living Sound is an international ministry movement that is reaching, unifying and mobilizing the 25-and-under generation around the world.

Living Sound was founded in 1971 as an international music ministry, ministering the message of Jesus Christ in the closed and hostile nations of the world through music. Over 40 nations across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East have been impacted by the over 400 members of Living Sound.

After 27 years, Living Sound is re-launching as a ministry program of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries. Living Sound today aims to raise up new leaders in the church around the globe to reach their own nations for Christ.

In this video Jason Law recaps our trip to Iraq and the power and momentum that is gained when there is unity.

Hundreds of thousands of children live as refugees in Kurdistan (northern Iraq), many of whom have been deeply wounded by the violence they have personally experienced in their fragile years of childhood.

This summer, World Compassion partnered with More Than A Game to host a 3-day soccer clinic in Kurdistan to bring hope through the love of Jesus Christ to hundreds of these children.

Wardell, a 12-year-old Syrian refugee, was deeply impacted by the clinic. Watch the video to see how hope changed everything for Wardell at the hardest time of his life.

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Sitting in the back of a taxicab fleeing the Chinese Police, a World Compassion team member asked John, “If there is one thing the Church in the West could invest in church planters in China, what would it be?”

Pausing for only a brief moment, he answered quickly and precisely, “Education.”

As a pastor of a new church plant, John feels the strain for resources and support small churches like his experience every day. Though he has shared the gospel passionately, he lacks a deep knowledge of the Bible and training on building a strong, life-giving church. This lack of training and knowledge has limited his ability to truly lead the new church he has planted to maturity.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to stay this way.

An example of how the Church is working together.

This video was shot by Myar Kyar Phyu with a GoPro Hero 3. Myar Kyar Phyu is 6 years old orphan who is now under the care of World Compassion’s first orphanage in Burma. She spent three days documenting her life with the other 21 other orphans.

Living in this home will protect these orphans from the very real dangers facing them everyday.
Education is not available for free to children in Burma, and therefore it is often out of the question for children that rarely make enough money to eat. Without education, these children will not have the tools they need to escape the cycle of poverty that often led to their abandonment.

Orphaned children in Burma are among those who are at high risk of becoming the next human trafficking victims. In this 32 billion dollar a year industry, enslaving more than 27 million people, traffickers often seek to take advantage of those in desperation, offering them promises of protection, education and a better life.

We can protect these children from these deceptive ploys, giving them an opportunity to receive a Christ-centered education in a safe home.

ABC Ministry Training in China is a two year program, with 336 lessons of foundational and comprehensive Bible instruction in topics such as: Foundations of the Christian Faith, Old and New Testament studies as well as Leadership and Church Planting.

This is how this training works in China. You can help by sponsoring a student through the two year program.