Imagine feeling like you live on an island – cut off from other Christians around the world. Many believers in your own country are persecuted, tortured, and killed for their faith.

The suffering caused by ISIS in the Middle East has been devastating, tearing apart families and leaving many children without their fathers. World Compassion is reaching widows and their children in Mosul, Iraq

Imagine what will happen when the largest national church is mobilized to reach the world? Together, we continue to train the Chinese church to do just that.

In Myanmar, one of the strongest Buddhist nations in the world today, we are training up leaders so that churches can thrive.

The rise of ISIS has caused hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to join Syrian refugees in northern cities and camps with little but the clothes on their backs.

Tens of thousands of churches both official and unofficial have sprung up throughout China in the last 50 years. The unregistered churches or house churches continue to grow at a rapid pace.