Bibles for Iran

Imagine feeling like you live on an island – cut off from other Christians around the world. Many believers in your own country are persecuted, tortured, and killed for their faith. And yet the desire for others to know God is far greater than the risk.

Together, we’ve put tens of thousands of life-giving Bibles in the hands of non-believers in Iran. Even though it’s illegal to distribute Bibles in the country, the underground churches keep doing it because the good news is worth the risk.

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Serving Widows of ISIS Violence

The suffering caused by ISIS in the Middle East has been devastating, tearing apart families and leaving many children without their fathers. World Compassion is reaching widows and their children in Mosul, Iraq who lost their husbands to ISIS brutality.

One by one, women are stepping out of some of the darkest times the world has seen in recent history. Will you join us in being there to come alongside them?

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Underground House Churches in China

Tens of thousands of churches both official and unofficial have sprung up throughout China in the last 50 years. The unregistered churches or house churches continue to grow at a rapid pace despite the persecution and limitations enforced by the Chinese Communist government.

Many of the pastors we work with have been threatened, their churches raided by police, and some have even been put in prison. Yet this opposition has not stopped the Church. Together we truly are strengthening the largest growing church, the underground church in China.

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Standing Up to Persecution in Myanmar

The people in this pastor’s community rejected, stoned, and even tried to kill Pastor Aung, but that didn’t stop him. He has continued to reach out to the lost and invite them to his church for nearly 5 years, and it has transformed his village in northern Myanmar.

Today, there are more than 150 members in the church, and that number is quickly increasing. Many lives have been transformed, healed, and set free from bondage.

World Compassion has partnered with Pastor Aung and his church to build a new facility that will includes a clinic and daycare to serve their community.

Watch the video to learn more about this church’s incredible story from World Compassion’s contact, Pastor Zelpi!

Reaching the Next Generation in Cuba

90 miles from coast of Florida, Cuba is a next-door neighbor for those of us who live in the U.S. But, because of the United States’ strained relationship with Cuba’s government and the embargoes placed on the country, the church in America has had little opportunity to reach out to this global neighbor — until now.

The iron hand of Communism is still strong and still controlling the lives and mindsets of its population, including the freedoms of believers and the growth of churches.

However, persecution and oppression of Christians does not stop the growth of the church. As a matter of fact, it’s the opposite. The relationships we have established in-country provide us with a unique opportunity to mobilize the local house churches and encourage our brothers and sisters to unify and reach the next generation.

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Refugee Relief in Iraq and Syria

No one leaves home unless…

There are millions of men, women and children in the Middle East whose lives have been changed forever – not by choice but by force.

Watch the video to hear some of their stories, and to experience the journey of many refugees as they leave home for the unknown.

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Discipleship and Missions in China

Imagine what will happen when the largest national church is mobilized to reach the world? Together, we continue to train the Chinese church to do just that.

We do this through our ABC leadership and discipleship program as well as the China Mission School, or CMS. Each day, we equip thousands of believers to spread the Message of Jesus Christ in China.

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Transforming Myanmar

In Myanmar, one of the strongest Buddhist nations in the world today, we are training up leaders so that churches can thrive.

To-date, we have helped plant nearly 100 churches in Myanmar alone, trained thousands of leaders through our ABC discipleship and leadership program, and built the first Christian orphanage in the area.

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A Legacy of Serving Refugees in Their Time of Need

The rise of ISIS has caused hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to join Syrian refugees in northern cities and camps with little but the clothes on their backs.

The suffering of these refugees is immense. Many have struggled to adapt to their new temporary homes. Although most have found rest in refugee camps, their lives are suspended in uncertainty and many live in critical conditions.

Since 2002, our work in Iraq has helped us build a network to respond with much-needed aid during the most extreme humanitarian crisis of our era. We have distributed aid such as food packs, sleeping mats, and blankets to refugee families living in extreme poverty.

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