Empowering Local Believers in Hostile Nations.

The most effective way to reach a restricted nation with the Gospel is to empower local bodies of believers to be the hands and feet of God in their communities.

Understanding their own culture and people better than anyone else, these believers are able to communicate the gospel in a way that is relevant and practical within their society. But before they can share the Word of God with those around them, they must know it themselves.

We empower local believers to be effective at reaching their community through missions training programs such as: ABC and CMS multi-year discipleship training programs for house churches in China and Burma, as well as the Ministry Training Center in Burma.

Ministry Training Programs

World Compassion equips more than 3,000 believers daily through ABC Bible Training Curriculum and missions schools.

We have created two strategic ministry training programs to meet the need for comprehensive discipleship and training in China and Burma. While each program functions uniquely within each country, each equips church pastors, mature Christians, and new believers alike by systematically providing foundational Bible instruction, training in discipleship and evangelism, and hands-on experience in planting and leading new missional churches.

Train a Leader Today.

There is no better investment than an investment made in somebody. You can personally support and sponsor a student going through a ministry training program today!

Will you help a student – a future church leader and an active disciple – so we can continue to reach nations hostile to the gospel?

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