Monir's Story

Running Away: Finding Home

When Monir was 12 years old, her mother had an affair and left the family.

Monir lived alone with her father, and she would go to the streets to sell her body to help the family with the bills. Her father was a drug dealer, and he would have her deliver and pick up the drugs for him. During one of the drop-offs, she was raped by the men.

Her father forced her to marry someone who was 15 years older than her because he had money, but the man abused and beat her regularly.

She became pregnant and was afraid for her baby. The husband said that he would make money from selling the child after it was born. (A lot of people are selling their babies in Iran right now.)

Monir ran away to Tehran as soon as she had the baby and found a hotel, but she didn’t have the money to stay there. The owner said he would give her the room as long as she would sleep with him. She agreed so that she could provide for her baby. During the day she would take her child to daycare and try to make money by selling her body.

One day the daycare called her and told her she needed to come pick up the baby because she was sick and not doing well. When she arrived, the baby had a very high fever. She cried because she didn’t have the means to take the baby to the hospital.

One of the workers at the daycare was named Ellie. She asked to pray for the baby and speak to the mom about Jesus, but the mom cried and said that there was no God, that through all of the years her situation has only gotten worse. But Ellie said she wanted to pray with her and talk about the true God and explain to her.

While Ellie was praying, the fever of the baby went away and the baby began to feel better immediately. Ellie gave Monir a Bible, who took it home and began reading it. She cried and said she wanted to know more about Jesus and give her life to Him.

When she went back to the daycare to talk to Ellie, they offered her a room to stay in at the daycare and a job so that she could earn money. Monir is now in a Bible study with the ladies from the daycare and is experiencing a new life in Christ!

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