World Compassion’s work to empower the local church in target nations is seen at full capacity in the nation of Myanmar.

From compassionate care of empowering a local church to start an orphanage, to church planting and helping to disciple thousands through our ABC curriculum and a full time Ministry Training Center, we are equipping the church in Myanmar to reach their country.

Orphan Care

Myanmar, historically ruled by a military government that distrusted education, spends a lower percentage of their nation’s money on education than almost any other country on earth. Few children advance in school past the age of 10, and child labor is a national epidemic.

To protect children from child trafficking and provide a future for the next generation, World Compassion has built an orphanage in Myanmar in partnership with the local church. Every day, over 50 children receive healthy meals, education, and a place where they can grow up in a loving, safe Christian environment.

Discipleship & Ministry Training

Through our ABC course we offer local churches in Myanmar a systematic and comprehensive teaching structure to help them disciple believers in the context of their local church. This empowers them to make disciples and train future leaders, expanding their capacity to continue reaching more people for Jesus. 

For local Burmese people who feel God leading them into church planting or full-time ministry in some way, we provide access to the Ministry Training Center. Partnering closely with a local church, students attend an intensive 9-month course where they receive practical ministry experience in the local church while also going through our ABC discipleship and leadership training. 

The ABC program helps disciple new believers from the basics of the faith all the way through to evangelism, marriage, leadership and church planting.

In addition we provide leadership conferences to provide church leaders teaching on relevant topics of the day.

Church Planting

Myanmar is an under-developed nation. The lack of infrastructure and the difficult climate, especially in Southern Myanmar, make it imperative to train up local Burmese people to reach their nation for Jesus.

By training and sending local Burmese people to plant churches in remote areas, we are helping reach “the ends of the earth” in Myanmar.

Your gift to any one of these programs can help reach a nation that is currently 89% Buddhist.

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