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Make the biggest impact today by giving towards World Compassion’s General Fund. Your gift will be used to respond to strategic and unique outreach opportunities, to fund ongoing World Compassion projects (featured below) and meet the most urgent needs we have across the globe. Your gift will be sent today where it is the most needed, guaranteeing the biggest bang for your buck.


Raise Orphans in Burma:

Over 1.6 million children live on the streets of Burma, all of whom are at high risk of becoming human trafficking victims. World Compassion’s children’s home in Burma is home for over 22 orphans, with room to recuse 26 more children today. Your gift will help provide former orphans with food, clothing, shelter, and a great education; but most importantly, your support allows the children to be raised under godly parents and receive the love every child needs to flourish. You can help rescue a child from human trafficking by giving a special gift or sponsoring a child today.


Humanitarian aid and the Gospel for refugees in northern Iraq:

Over 850,000 refugees in Kurdistan from Syria and Iraq need immediate help. World Compassion is meeting their basic needs with food, water, and toiletries. Freedom of religion is written in the constitution of Kurdistan, allowing Christians to openly preach the Gospel in this region. We have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on an entire region of the Middle East by sharing the Gospel and meeting physical needs at this strategic time.


The Story of Jesus Booklets:

In nations hostile to the Gospel, resources that clearly communicate the word of God are highly sought after! The Story of Jesus is a 16-page, fully illustrated booklet, written at a third grade reading level that outlines the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. World Compassion has distributed over 27 million copies in 52 languages worldwide. Your gift today will assist World Compassion in providing this tool to lead many to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.


ABC Discipleship Training in China and Burma

ABC Bible Training Curriculum (ABC) is a 2-year program that lays a strong foundation of knowledge in the faith of a new believer, allowing them to disciple new believers and lead churches in hostile nations. ABC is compromised of 336 lessons of systematic and comprehensive Bible training covering topics such as: Foundations of the Christian Faith, Old and New Testament studies as well as Leadership and Church Planting. Nearly 3,000 students are being equipped for full-time ministry through ABC in China and Burma.


China Mission School Training

China Mission School (CMS) equips Chinese Believers for full-time ministry and church planting in hostile regions. The video and text curriculum provides training on practical topics such as Cross-Cultural Communication, World Religions, Language Acquisition, and Survival to ministry development topics like Making Disciples, Planting Churches, and Evangelism. CMS works well in tandem with the “ABC” curriculum, preparing graduates to spread the Gospel in their country and beyond. You can help effectively train and launch Chinese missionaries into their Kingdom Work today.


Bibles for Hostile Nations:

In the nation of Iran and other Muslim nations, it is estimated that about 90% of the under 30 generation is searching for truth outside of Islam. Their search for truth presents an unprecedented opportunity to share the Gospel with a new generation. With a gift of $5.00, you can help us send two Bibles to Iran, where Bibles have been banned for over 30 years. Sending Bibles equips those searching for Truth in hostile nations with what they need to find Jesus, the powerful Word of God in their own language!

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