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Urgent: 29,000 Bibles are ready to be moved into Iran

After several delays, we’ve finally heard from our partners on the ground in the Middle East. A shipment of 29,000 Bibles just arrived at our warehouse! 

This means we can mobilize teams to reach 29,000 people with the Gospel this summer! 

This is huge news, as we have been waiting for this shipment for several months. 

At the beginning of 2022, we made it our goal to put Scripture into the hands of 100,000 Iranians this year. 

This goal came on the heels of hearing from our partners and pastors across Iran that demand for Bibles can’t be met fast enough! We’ve had pastors telling us that nobody refuses a Bible when offered one.

Another Iranian church leader shared, “People are thirsty for the meaning of love. They are finding it by reading the Bible.” 

No wonder the church growth rate in Iran is up to 19.7% a year (making it the fastest growing church in the world!) – people are encountering the living God as they open up the Bible!

A mass exodus from Islam is leaving many former Muslims wondering what to believe in. We can help answer this question by providing God’s Word to people who are seeking out truth! 

This is why it’s so important that we meet the huge demand and get these 29,000 Bibles to people in Iran right now! 

29,000 Bibles make a huge dent in our 100,000-Bible goal for Iran this year.

But more than that, 29,000 Bibles equates to 29,000 people who will have the eyes of their heart opened as they read God’s Word, perhaps for the very first time!

After several delays, we now have a window of opportunity this summer to get these Bibles to 29,000 people in Iran to meet the high demand.

And we need your help!

At $7 (£6) per Bible, it will cost $203,000 (£174,000) to get this latest shipment into the hands of 29,000 people in Iran. 

Some Iranians don’t know they need the Gospel until they find it.

Others have been waiting for months for the opportunity to get their hands on a physical Bible to finally find out for themselves what is written on these pages. 

Will you give a special gift this summer to help meet this $203,000 need? This will help us to quickly get these Bibles to people who are hungry for truth.

Let’s respond to this opportunity to help transform lives with the message of Jesus in Iran this summer!


Every $7 (£6) you give puts the Word of God into someone’s hands.

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