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New Doorways

In January of this year, God opened a doorway for our organization in Aleppo. Our team is partnering with churches and carrying out distributions of aid to hundreds of families both Muslim and Christian inside the city. Aid is being given out from the hands of believers and church leadership in the heart of Aleppo, a city torn apart by civil war which has been shown on television screens worldwide. Families in this city have experienced incredible grief and loss. One of them is the family of Em Mouhammad.

Mother in Aleppo

Em Mouhammad is a wife and mother of five children. While the war in Aleppo raged outside her home, a battle was happening inside of it. Her husband was ill with a painful disease that affected acid levels in his blood and affected his joints, and her oldest daughter suffered from epileptic seizures. Em struggled to stay strong for her family though she was dealing with the overwhelming fear for the health and safety of her loved ones during this extremely difficult time.

Battles were burning like fire that never goes out…When I remember (these) things, I feel a deep pain in my chest. I always ask myself this question: Am I remiss in the performance of my duties?…My heart was wrenching, whenever I ate or drank, whenever I wake up or sleep.”

She did all she could for her husband, and eventually she had no other choice but to take her daughter to a facility where she could receive more care for her seizures. Day after day she would attend to the needs of her family…until the day everything changed.

Bombs were dropped on the area and everything around them was destroyed. The facility crumbled into dust, collapsing around them. Em escaped the city with her other children – injured, barefoot, and empty-handed, unable to rescue her husband and daughter who perished in the rubble, not knowing where to go and what was going to happen in the days ahead.

Em Mouhammad is still trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Every day is a fight to cling to hope and survival. She continues to be a pillar of strength for her children but carries a heavy grief. In a time when they have nothing, one of her greatest hopes is that her children will receive an education, proper medical attention, and the basic provision to make it through another day. Em is just one of thousands of voices telling their stories of hardships and pain. These are the people the Church has encountered on the ground in Aleppo.

She ended her story with the powerful question….“Will supporters of love and peace abandon us as we have been abandoned by those who support killing and war?”

How Can I Help?

It takes two days for us to send relief to refugees through the churches in Aleppo. Two days for your financial gift to become the food, blanket or aid that helps those who suffer. Much more than needed aid, it is a gift that connects them to the local church and the message of hope and salvation found in Jesus Christ.

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