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Age: 11
Favorite color: Red
Favorite food: Vegetables
Favorite subject in school: Math
Dream job: Principal or teacher
Sibling in Orphanage: Naw Khu Sai

When I was younger, my mom remarried after her divorce, but our new dad was mean to us, my brother and sister and me. My grandmother was one of the teachers at our church’s preschool, and she loved us and provided for us until she got sick. The church took care of grandmother as she battled cancer, and welcomed my sister and me to sleep with the other orphans. Grandmother was in great pain in her final days, and then went to be with Jesus. Now a home is being built for us at this church!

It’s good to stay here. We are very happy living where we are. I like the food and feel very loved. I pray for wisdom to fulfill God’s plans and ambitions in my life. One day I would like to be a pastor and minister to my people. My sister and I are very close, and I help to correct her and raise her.

Now I have everything I need, and I can go to school. I love math and every moment of school. When I arrived here, I sensed the Spirit of God strongly and asked for knowledge. God gave me knowledge, and I want to thank Him. I want to express my gratitude to all the donors for providing us with clothes, vegetables, fish, and meat. Thank you for building the giant building. Because of you all, my life is happier.

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