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Nikki Yanulis


To The Ends Of The Earth

In the face of tightened restrictions and increased hurdles to get the Gospel and teaching material into restricted nations, World Compassion is taking ground! Last month, we told you about a new law that was passed in communist China preventing any religious content from being posted online. Bob Fu, founder…
Nikki Yanulis
April 28, 2022

New Law In China

Have a religious gathering with more than 10 people Rent property for the purpose of a Christian gathering without facing astronomical fines Purchase Bibles online (the Chinese government is believed to be working on a new and CCP-approved version of the Bible) In very real time, we are seeing the…
Nikki Yanulis
March 29, 2022

Christmas 2021

We’ve surpassed over 200,000 Bibles into Iran! These Bibles are transforming lives, and Christianity continues to flourish across the country! Iranian church networks are requesting a record number of Bibles right now. The demand remains high, so we’re picking up the pace. We have set a goal to move 40,000…
Nikki Yanulis
December 1, 2021
Spiritual Development

Are You Available?

I knew we had former Afghan staff in the country who helped run our educational programs from 2002 to 2014. These people gave 12 years of their lives to help educate over 8,000 women and children through our literacy, computer and English courses. As I began thinking about how these…
Nikki Yanulis
November 1, 2021

Nallia’s Story

“It was midnight when we were sitting at home. Everyone was shouting with concern when we heard the Taliban had taken over Afghanistan. The country had fallen.”  On August 16th, Nallia and her family rushed to the Kabul Airport along with thousands of others in hopes of fleeing the nation…
Nikki Yanulis
October 21, 2021