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A tightening is happening in nations hostile to the Gospel. Restrictions are getting more restrictive, not less. Despite the broader culture’s narrative to “be who you want to be,” there is an increasing pressure in nations restricted to the Gospel to conform and fall into line. Communistic governments like China…
Nikki Yanulis
February 1, 2023

To The Ends Of The Earth

In the face of tightened restrictions and increased hurdles to get the Gospel and teaching material into restricted nations, World Compassion is taking ground! Last month, we told you about a new law that was passed in communist China preventing any religious content from being posted online. Bob Fu, founder…
Nikki Yanulis
April 28, 2022

New Law In China

Have a religious gathering with more than 10 people Rent property for the purpose of a Christian gathering without facing astronomical fines Purchase Bibles online (the Chinese government is believed to be working on a new and CCP-approved version of the Bible) In very real time, we are seeing the…
Nikki Yanulis
March 29, 2022

A 100-Year Struggle

Over the past several years, as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has closed in on its 100-year anniversary, they have implemented several new religious laws that have further taken away basic religious freedoms. The level in which the CCP is monitoring their people is shocking! One of the most concerning…
ChinaSpiritual DevelopmentTraining

The Power of Discipleship

Even though the Chinese church is growing rapidly, heavy government restrictions are forcing it to remain underground and believers to meet in secret. These restrictions have increased in the last year, isolating Chinese pastors even more. This difficulty, combined with an estimated 10,000 believers for every one trained pastor, puts…
World Compassion Staff
January 24, 2018

A New Year in China

On January 27th the people of China began a week-long celebration of the Chinese New Year. It’s a time of festivals when people return to their hometowns and reconnect with family - setting off fireworks, decorating with red lanterns, exchanging gifts and attending lion and dragon dances. It’s also a…
World Compassion Staff
February 1, 2017
ChinaChurch PlantingTraining

Winning the Struggle

The winters can be cold and dreary in China. Every year about this time we shuttle in and out of communities throughout the country, under cloudy and rainy conditions, meeting pastors and believers in homes, offices, hotels and coffee shops. We huddle together with our Chinese team planning the expansion…
World Compassion Staff
February 9, 2016