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Church Planting

ChinaChurch PlantingTraining

Still Underground

Although China is developed economically, and even has the influence of western culture, it is not a free land. We cannot forget that the communist party still rules. Many believe that things have changed for the better, that the grip has loosened on Christian churches because their culture is similar…
ChinaChurch PlantingTraining

Giving All I’ve Got

We receive testimony after testimony from our students throughout Asia on how World Compassion's ABC Bible Training Curriculum has impacted their lives and strengthened their faith. Below is a testimony from a church leader and ABC student who is not only using ABC to grow in knowledge and faith, but…
BurmaChurch PlantingTraining

Culture Shock

As I stood with around 100 church planters in Burma just a few weeks ago, it hit me hard that we were “playing from behind.” These men looked tired with ragged, old clothes on their worn bodies, but there was a hunger that I had not seen. As we visited,…
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Changing China

It was the last evening our team was together in China after a busy two weeks in Asia. We leaned against the fence long after dark, staring at Tiananmen Square. My mind tried to connect the smooth, humming bustle of present Beijing with the unrelenting oppression experienced by those peaceful…
World Compassion Staff
October 10, 2013