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Sharing The Peace Of God

These are the words the angel Gabriel announced to Mary when he came to deliver the God-ordained plans that were about to unfold in her life. They begin the famous Christmas story found in the Gospel of Luke. How many people in our world need to hear those words today?…
Nikki Yanulis
November 30, 2022
Bibles for IranIran

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Over the years, we have introduced you to dozens of Iranian believers who forsake comfort for the call of being a disciple of Jesus. We recently met yet another individual – we’ll call him Pastor Abraham to protect his identity – who has experienced tremendous hardship at the hands of…
Nikki Yanulis
October 28, 2022
Bibles for IranIran

Millions Of Hearts Are Open In Iran

Iran is home to the fastest growing Christian church in the world. We have shared before that many experts believe the Iranian church is now growing at over 19% a year. Growth like this is the result of a widespread evangelistic movement. Daily, believers are being added in number because…
Nikki Yanulis
September 29, 2022

29,000 Bibles Are Ready To Be Moved Into Iran

After several delays, we’ve finally heard from our partners on the ground in the Middle East. A shipment of 29,000 Bibles just arrived at our warehouse!  This means we can mobilize teams to reach 29,000 people with the Gospel this summer!  This is huge news, as we have been waiting…
Nikki Yanulis
May 31, 2022

Christmas 2021

We’ve surpassed over 200,000 Bibles into Iran! These Bibles are transforming lives, and Christianity continues to flourish across the country! Iranian church networks are requesting a record number of Bibles right now. The demand remains high, so we’re picking up the pace. We have set a goal to move 40,000…
Nikki Yanulis
December 1, 2021
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Holy Night

Along with her sisters they were some of the first children who called this orphanage home.  After spending the last 7 years of her childhood being raised in this home, World Compassion fulfilled her desire to go to cosmetology school to begin her own career. Today, she is 18 years…
World Compassion Staff
November 24, 2020
Bibles for IranIran

Bibles for Iran

At the start of the year, we set a goal for 2015 to smuggle over 30,000 Bibles into the nation of Iran, one of the most hostile nations towards Christianity.  This is a big goal for us and a huge step toward our 100,000 Bible target. (more…)
Jason Law
June 15, 2015