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A tightening is happening in nations hostile to the Gospel. Restrictions are getting more restrictive, not less. Despite the broader culture’s narrative to “be who you want to be,” there is an increasing pressure in nations restricted to the Gospel to conform and fall into line. Communistic governments like China…
Nikki Yanulis
February 1, 2023
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Created For More

The world has gone through a lot over the last few years, yet God’s hand has been at work. I’m excited about what he is doing in the lives of people I’m connected to and in your life, too. As we begin a new year, I want to encourage you…
Nikki Yanulis
January 3, 2023
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Rewriting Stories In Iraq

As a parent, is there anything better than seeing your children make their faith their own? This is a prayer focus I have for my kids this year. Helping to build a strong, personal foundation of faith in God and His Word is the greatest gift we can leave behind…
Nikki Yanulis
August 31, 2022
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Remembering The Forgotten

When was the last time you heard about Iraq in the news? In the last two years, a pandemic, an election, and crises in Afghanistan and Ukraine have taken center stage. There is undoubtedly great hurt in the world today. This means that there is also great opportunity for God…
Nikki Yanulis
July 19, 2022

20 Years of Restoring Lives in Iraq

We’ve helped plant churches, hosted leadership conferences, and have been blessed to build relationships with top government officials. Today, we continue to reach Muslims and Yazidis with the Gospel through our skills training programs and mobile medical clinic. You’ll hear more about this later. Thank you to every person who…
Nikki Yanulis
June 7, 2022

29,000 Bibles Are Ready To Be Moved Into Iran

After several delays, we’ve finally heard from our partners on the ground in the Middle East. A shipment of 29,000 Bibles just arrived at our warehouse!  This means we can mobilize teams to reach 29,000 people with the Gospel this summer!  This is huge news, as we have been waiting…
Nikki Yanulis
May 31, 2022
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Getting Your Mind Right

Have you considered lately how powerful your thoughts are? This time every year, the turn of the calendar presents the opportunity to course correct where needed and forge new habits that will be foundational for the future.  In my home country of the United States, statistics show 74% of people…
World Compassion Staff
January 3, 2022

Christmas 2021

We’ve surpassed over 200,000 Bibles into Iran! These Bibles are transforming lives, and Christianity continues to flourish across the country! Iranian church networks are requesting a record number of Bibles right now. The demand remains high, so we’re picking up the pace. We have set a goal to move 40,000…
Nikki Yanulis
December 1, 2021
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A Mother In Aleppo: Her Story

New Doorways In January of this year, God opened a doorway for our organization in Aleppo. Our team is partnering with churches and carrying out distributions of aid to hundreds of families both Muslim and Christian inside the city. Aid is being given out from the hands of believers and…
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Iraq in Chaos

The 3-year-old Syrian War has spilled over into Iraq, completely destabilizing the region. ISIS, an extremely violent and blood-thirsty off-shoot of Al Qaeda overthrew Mosul just a week ago and has continued to take city after city on their march toward Baghdad. Their aim is to create an extreme Islamic…
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Skyping in Secret

I had the opportunity to sit in with Kevin, our media director, as he interviewed a couple of Iranian believers living in the Middle East over Skype. These experiences continue to frame my perspective in quite a different light than what I had expected. (more…)
World Compassion Staff
January 27, 2014
Bibles for IranIranNews

Faith in Iran

Iran is one of the most difficult places to exist as a Christian. Their strict interpretation of Islamic law translates to imprisonment or death for believers. In Iran, Christianity is illegal, as is any Christian literature, including the Bible. Take a minute and consider that. Today, half way around the…
World Compassion Staff
January 17, 2014